10 Best Places for a Sea Holiday in Turkey

Choose Your Holiday Place for Sea, Sand and Sun from this List

Sea, sand and sun that are named as the essentials of summer are the choices of almost everybody. However, the quality of the chosen place determines the state of your holiday. Therefore, the ones who want to go on a sea holiday should make a detailed research before making a choice in order to increase the quality of their holidays. So, in order to let you make a better choice, we searched for places for the sea holidays in Turkey and determined 10 beautiful holiday places.  

We hope to help you with these places that we have chosen. Please take a look at our list.

1. Antalya – Kaş


The most important reason for Kaş to be preferred for sea a holiday that comes to mind in the first place is Kaputaş Beach. The characteristic of this beach is its spectacular scene with white sands and turquoise colored sea. This beach, the scene of which you can enjoy even when you are swimming, will offer both a physical and mental therapy. Moreover, the sea is not the only option for the ones who prefer to spend the holiday in this place. The second important reason among the advantages of spending the holiday in this place is Xanthos Antique City. In this antique city, in which you will feel the smell of history deeply, you can also watch the sunset and the sunrise. Again at the same time another alternative to be done is to pay a short visit to the spawning area of the caretta carettas. Kaş, which comes to mind in the first place when mentioning about a sea holiday and which is among the best places for a holiday in Turkey, will offer you and your friends both a romantic and a historical holiday.

2. Balıkesir – Ayvalık


Balıkesir – Ayvalık, in which the mountains are perpendicular to the sea, hosts tens of bays that one more beautiful than the other. You can also watch a romantic sunset with your darling or spouse at Devil’s Hill (Şeytan Tepesi) which is the highest hill of the town. Ayvalık that has a border in Aegean is a popular place among the fans of dishes cooked with olive oil. You can go to Sarımsaklı beach to swim and enjoy the sea, sand and sun deeply. In addition, we should state that this place has been proved to have the most perfect sand in the world by the World Health Organization. This beach, which had the honor of getting a blue flag certification in 2013 and 2014, is preferred frequently in Turkey. You can have a safe holiday in Ayvalık, which is a small and charming town and also make your children enjoy much.

3. Çanakkale – Bozcaada


If you are a person, who is fond of being surrounded by waters in every direction to rest your soul, I would like to suggest Bozcaada for your holiday. This place, having relatively cool waters as compared to many places is a real piece of heaven. We can suggest Ayazma Beach for the ones who choose this place for a holiday. We also suggest you to rent a scooter to travel throughout the island if you want to have a holiday of your dreams. Transportation to this island, in which you can have a sea holiday in every aspect, is realized by ferryboats.

4. Muğla – Datça


In Datça, which is the first place to be preferred when it comes to the sea holiday, there are both natural and historical beauties. You can enjoy the sea during day time and smell the history at nights in the streets of Datça. While enjoying the clear sea in Palamut Bükü, it seems that the natural beauty of the bay will fascinate you and your family. Even your goal is to have a sea holiday, we also suggest you to visit historical beauties such as Dionysos Temple, Apollon Karneios Temple and Aphrodite of Knidos Temple.

5. Muğla – Marmaris


When mentioning about Turkey, one of the first places that comes to mind is Marmaris, which is called as the pearl of Muğla. Marmaris, which is especially preferred by Russian and German tourists, is exactly a district of sea. You can choose this place without doubt, if your goal is sea, sand and the sun. We guarantee that you will keep away from business stress in this place, where blue and green meets.

6. Antalya – Alanya


Another place making large amounts of money by sea tourism in Turkey is Alanya. Alanya, being one of the most visited places in Turkey by foreign tourists, should also be included in your holiday plans. Damlataş beach, which is located next to the popular Damlataş Cave, is inviting you to the sea with its magnificent beauty where blue and green meets. Alanya, which lays the spectacular beauty of the sea under your feet, at the same time, has the feature to be a historical city. Dim Cave, Kızıl Kule (Red Tower), Selinus Antique City and Alanya Castle are among the places that should certainly be visited. If you want to enjoy the sea and at the same time  to travel through the deepness of the history, you can choose Alanya for your holiday without hesitation. By this way, you will be able to learn while traveling around.

7. İstanbul – Şile


When it comes to the sea holiday, it is impossible to ignore İstanbul which has one of the most popular channels in the world. So we made a short research about İstanbul and explored a place which will make you enjoy the sea to the deepest. Şile, being one of the most preferred places among the summer house vacationists because of its beautiful beach and sea, also carries the traces of the past with very important historical pieces of art. It seems that a nice weekend holiday spent in Kum Baba Beach, will make you forget about your business stress. If you are one of the people who cannot go far from İstanbul, this is an ideal place for you.

8. Samsun – Atakum


One of the places that we can suggest for the travelers who like fighting waves is Atakum, which is only one of the unexplored places. This place, mostly visited by the people living in the neighborhood, is an ideal place for the ones who like to spend their holidays in a quiet place rather than a crowded one. If you cannot travel to the Southern part of Turkey, you can choose this place for an economic holiday plan.

9. Sinop – Hamsilos


This is one of the ideal places for the people who want to enjoy both the nature and the sea. It is also continuing to break records with its moderate prices. While listening to the pleasant sound of the waves, you will not be able to keep your eyes from the scene of the green bay. This little city, in which you will be far from the crowd of İstanbul and be harbored in the nature, will be your most popular place. You will feel good when you spend your sea holiday in this city, which is chosen as the happiest city in Turkey.

10. İzmir – Çeşme / Alaçatı


When it comes to the sea holidays, another place that we cannot resist mentioning about is İzmir – Çeşme. This is quite an ideal place with its sea season that lasts for approximately five months, for the ones who continually want to enjoy swimming. Both with its historical and natural beauties, this city will make you feel the peace sourcing from the sea. You can enjoy your summer holiday deeply also by the crowded beach club parties. A holiday full of sea, sand and sun is waiting for you.

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