10 Great Places in Turkey For Honeymoon

One of the biggest problems of the newly married couples is, to find a good place for their honeymoon. We have created a list about the most beautiful locations in Turkey for the newly married couples, we are sure you will absolutely notice the uniqueness of having your honeymoon in one of these cities.


Bodrum is one of the most popular choices thanks to its unique natural beauties and lively night life, as a place always visited by the domestic and foreign tourists. It is almost always the first honeymoon vacation of the newly married couples. This beautiful district of Muğla is a touristic paradise with its sea and sand and the natural decorations that witnessed the history. The newly married couples feel happy and free in every way in Bodrum, where they can enjoy the sun and the sea and tour the streets for shopping and have fun at nights at the lively night clubs and bars. You can have fun with your spouse at the street of bars which are crowded with people from every nation, until the first light of the morning. You can also visit Kos island which is very close to Bodrum, thanks to daily tours without visa.


Another beautiful district of Muğla, Marmaris, awaits the honeymoon couples with its unique coves and natural beauties. This cute district is 1 hour away from Dalaman Airport and has become the favorite of the honeymoon couples thanks to its proximity to the Greek Island Rhodes. Marmaris includes many ancient cities and also hosts the internationally well-known yacht racing which is organized once in five years.  Marmaris Gulf is a natural port and has 3 large marinas. Marmaris, which is the most beautiful route for the blue cruise, hosts millions of visitors each summer and creates unforgettable moments for the couples who especially come for honeymoon.


Kuşadası is a beautiful district of our Aydın province and is the right place for honeymoon couples in terms of the sea, sun, sand and historical locations. One of the biggest properties of the district, which includes almost every kind of touristic facility, is being the home of the tomb of Mother Mary. Mother Mary is visited by many domestic and foreign tourists in addition to Christian pilgrims, and has become a location visited by honeymoon couples to make wishes for happiness. The district has places that allow us to observe magnificent sunset sceneries and is the favorite location of married couples who want to have a romantic honeymoon.


Antalya is one of the cities of Turkey with highest population, and it has also become one of the holiday centers for honeymoon couples in addition to people from every area thanks to its mild climate that lasts until the end of the Autumn months. The city draws the attention with its very yellow and long beaches, warm sea water and touristic events and is one of the favorite cities of domestic and foreign tourists, families, couples and people from every age. This beautiful Mediterranean city that hosted various civilizations in history, has a unique position as it has the intense blue Mediterranean waters in front of it and Taurus Mountains at its back. The famous Cleopatra Beach, Karain Cave and many significant locations are located within Antalya province borders. It always attracts visitors as it offers touristic facilities suitable for all budgets, and the nature and the city are within each other.


This beautiful coastal district is the pearl of Southern Marmara and Aegean and has recently become a very popular location. Fruitful olive forests, world-famous Sarımsaklı beach, historical Greek houses and of course, Ayvalık toast, have become favorites loved both by the families and the honeymoon couples.  The district draws millions of tourists especially during the summer months and it is possible to take part in daily tours without visa as it is very close to Lesbos island. The Turkish and Greek cultures live together in the district, where thousands of people went and arrived during the population exchange, and the guesthouses as the restored historical Greek houses are suitable according to each budget. Cunda Island is one of the most important and beautiful places to see in Ayvalık. You can enjoy raki and fish at the restaurants and cafes lined up along the coast or sip your tea or coffee at the famous Taş Kahve and take magnificent photos.


The world-famous region of our Nevşehir province is one of the most ideal locations for those who want to have a calm but entertaining holiday and those who want to have a unique adventure for their honeymoon. The ethnic houses carved within the rocks, the famous Fairy Chimneys and balloon tour organizations open the gates of a completely different world for the honeymoon couples. Göreme Historical National Park is also one of the must-see places in the region, which includes very comfortable and high quality facilities.


Having a history of thousands of years, Çeşme is one of the most favorite holiday locations of Izmir. This beautiful district not only has natural beauties but also a long beach, narrow streets and magnificent locations that will draw the attention of wind surfers. Alaçatı is especially one of the places the honeymoon couples want to see. The town is famous for its houses built at narrow streets with Greek architecture and village cafes in addition to having many accommodation facilities. Visited frequently by thousands of tourists and honeymoon couples each summer, Çeşme is one of the msot beautiful coastal districts of the world.


This historical district of Muğla is one of the locations with a unique beauty on the Blue Cruise route. The district has many high quality and clean touristic facilities and is at the top of the lists of the honeymoon couples. Thanks to its proximity to Greek Islands Rhodes and Sömbeki, it is one of the most frequently visited and favorite holiday locations for the tourists and those who visit daily from Turkey. Having been one of the leading touristic locations, Datça is crowded each summer thanks to the guesthouses suitable for each budget.


Didim is one of the touristic locations of our Aydın province and it is one of the beautiful Aegean districts that witnessed the history. The district includes the Temple of Apollo in addition to many ancient artifacts and is one of the favorite locations for the domestic and foreign tourists, as well as the honeymoon couples. The cleanliness of the sea water is the reason of preference for the swimmers and those who are interested in water sports. The boat tour organizations and historical location tours ensure the honeymoon couples will never get bored thanks to the opportunities.


Having been a world-famous district thanks to its natural beauties, Fethiye is one of the touristic districts of Muğla and one of the most frequently visited locations for couples who want to have a calm and romantic honeymoon. The natural sports can be carried out easily in the region and especially the trekking, sailing, nature walks and rafting tours are organized. Fethiye is a district that presents the opportunity to experience romantic moments and adventure at the same time in scope of the honeymoon routes.

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