10 Greatest Villages in Turkey

There is a village dream of almost everyone. Villages, with their clean air are the beaten tracks of the ones who want to escape from crowded cities and business lives full of stress. We wanted to pop across the villages which differ according to the geographies that they are located in. Though it is not possible for many of us to leave everything behind and settle in a village, you can at least leave all the negative thoughts of your mind and your problems to the place where you live and go on a village holiday. Here are some small tips for you…

Let us begin to visit these wonders of nature which will make you attached with their clean air and village breakfasts consisting of completely natural foods and in which you will wake up with cock crows.



Çıralı village, which is located in the best part of Antalya, is at the foothills of Mount Olympus. It is a heavenly village which has a magnificent scene of the sea and a very green forest. Çıralı, with its orange gardens having a pleasant smell and with its beach that is as clean as a whistle, is one of the most beautiful places that the nature offers to mankind as a gift. Make a change in your holiday plan and direct towards Çıralı village. You will never regret it. Though it is a small village, it will meet all your expectations. Rest, walk, swim and watch its spectacular scene. If your loved ones are also with you, do not hesitate and prepare your luggage…



As it can be easily understood from the name of the village, it is a very cute and quiet village. Şirince Village is an unspoiled village which is located on a hillside in Selçuk County of İzmir. Chalk white houses in the green nature; seem like a bride winking at you. We strictly suggest you to visit Şirince Village, every corner of which smells history. You must witness this beauty closely.



We will not be exaggerating if we describe this village as a piece of heaven. You should definitely visit this village having an endless sea in which you will face every tones of blue. You can reach to Faralya Village by walking through the routes of Ölüdeniz (Dead Sea) and Kelebekler Vadisi (Valley of Butterflies). You will be able to watch the butterflies, one more beautiful than the other, in the Valley of Butterflies only from this village. On looking down, it has a different beauty. Faralya Village is one of the villages having the best scene in Turkey.



Everybody is aware of the importance of Gaziantep in the history. We concluded that a city full of history deserves a village like Belkıs Village and started to look around. As the village is in Zeugma antique city, which is full of historical riches, it has a great importance in historical aspect. With the ongoing excavation works, still some mosaic pieces are being excavated. One day if you go to Gaziantep, please do not forget to visit this historical village. This magnificent village, which is at the riverside of Fırat, will take you to the past.



A village can at most be as beautiful as this place. The village, which has a magnificent lake scene, is located in Eğirdir county of Isparta city. The lake of the village that has 7 colors and blue flag, has assumed the title of being the cleanest lake in Turkey. In Akpınar village, where there is peace and quietness in every corner, enjoy drinking your tea brewed on a tea-urn. There is also a specialty of this village that will appeal your stomach. You can taste the legendary Turkish pancakes of the village. Akpınar village, having a high altitude, also hosts people who like parachute jumping. In this village, the air and scene of which is right up your street, you can relax and have a good time with your family.

KALEKÖY (Castle Village)


The most interesting feature of Kaleköy is that you can only go to this village by boat. Though you may have some worries before, once you go to the village, you will not want to return. This spectacular village, located in Kale county of Antalya, has been founded on the ancient city Simena. The name of it comes from the castle on the hill. In Kaleköy, which is the address of sea, sun and quietness, you can find all the happiness and peace that you look for. Though the village has a small population, it becomes crowded and has a large population with the tourists who visit the village. You can relieve your tiredness in the sea of the village which is as clean as a whistle. If you like to go to Kekova one day, you should definitely visit Kaleköy. You can have the chance to go around by boat.



This history smelling village, located across Çanakkale, will take you to the past. Kilitbahir village, the name of which comes from the hearth-shaped castle, will fascinate you. As the name Kilitbahir means the key of the sea, it also seems to lock you in this unique scene and wonderful village. Blue and green come together to make the village beautiful and mysterious so much.



It is impossible not to be fascinated by the scene of this village. Rumkale Village of Yavuzeli town of Gaziantep is the most beautiful gift that nature gives us. You will enjoy the sea and nature in Rumkale village as if living in a fairy tale. There is a huge visitor potential of this beautiful village which is surrounded by the sea. Then, how can you reach this beauty of the beauties village? Transportation is carried out by boats departing from Halfeti. Probably you will get angry with yourself about why you did not visit this village before. You will love this village surrounded by dam waters and the river Fırat very much.



When mentioning about Nevşehir, the first thing that comes to mind is its magnificent landscape and historical houses. This village, located in Cappadocia region is at the top of Uçhisar area. So, Uçhisar castle is at the highest point. If you want to be close to the sun, we then wait for you in this village. You will feel history deeply in this village in which you can watch the sunset and sunrise in the best way. There are secret passages and tunnels in the castle in the village. There are also many monumental graves belonging to Byzantine period. You can enjoy the spectacular view of Cappadocia by climbing up the highest point of the castle. It will fascinate you with its mysterious environment and enchanting location. If you decide to go to Nevşehir, we would like you to see Uçhisar Village. Please be careful about not losing your self-control because of the view that it has in the evenings.


Evrenye village, one of the most beautiful villages in the Black sea region, is located in a very green valley. With its legendary blue sea, you will find yourself in this fairy tale. There is a clear brook flowing inside this unique village in which you can watch the sun setting and rising from the sea. A huge oriental plane tree, defying the years, welcomes you statuesquely at the entrance of the village. At the time of your arrival, you can stop and rest under this oriental plane tree and surrender yourself to the beauty of the landscape. This village which is a quiet place in winters is full of visitors in summers. There is a separate beach reserved for women who want to let off steam by swimming. Before visiting Evrenye, which is a magnificent place, you cannot say you visited Kastamonu.

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