10 Most Beautiful Landscapes of Turkey

Our country, every corner of which is very beautiful, also has many historical and natural landscapes. We aimed to help you in deciding quickly where to go in case of making a possible holiday plan, by carrying out a research on landscapes, one more beautiful than the other, that will make you feel relaxed. We gathered landscapes that will meet the needs of every soul and prepared a short list. Please have a look at this list.




1) Kız Kulesi (The Maiden’s Tower) / İstanbul


The history of Maiden’s Tower, which is located off the shore of Üsküdar, goes back to Byzantine period. In the sunset, you cannot get enough of watching Maiden’s Tower, being one of the first things that come to mind when mentioning about İstanbul. This scene, which will keep you away from all the stresses of the city, is there waiting for you. If you have an intention of watching the Maiden’s Tower closely, you can reach the Maiden’s Tower by boats departing from Salacak and Kabataş. If you go to İstanbul one day, we advise you not to leave the city without watching the sunset from this place.

2) Nemrut Dağı (Mount Nimrod) / Adıyaman


This place is located in Kahta county of Adıyaman city. Its height is 2150 meters. Antiochus I, the king of an empire founded at the foothills of this mountain had made artisans make monuments and sculptures, one more beautiful than the other, in order to express his gratitude towards gods. The mentioned ruins belonging to Hellenistic period spread towards east, west and north sides of the mountain. These sculptures that have been protected well are forming a unique scene in the present day. These sculptures, the heights of which sometimes reach up to 5 to 10 meters, are being protected also by UNESCO. If you go to Southeast region in Turkey, please add this mountain to the places to be visited. After watching the sunset from this place, you will never regret you climbed up this mountain. On the contrary, you will recommend your friends to visit Mount Nimrod.

3) Sümela Monastery / Trabzon


The monastery constructed on the rocky part of Trabzon is considered as a holy place for Christians. It is known as one of the oldest monasteries in the world. People, who go to Maçka, cannot resist watching Sümela Monastery which is found on steep rocks and in harmony with the greenery. Sümela Monastery, which constitutes a subject for many films in the present day, is being visited by many domestic and foreign tourists. We suggest you to include Sümela Monastery, which is 1150 meters high from the ground, in your list of landscapes of Turkey to be visited and to be seen.

4) Rock Graves of the Kings / Amasya


Rock graves belonging to Pontus Empire in Hellenistic period, are constructed by carving limestones in the southern foothills of Harşena Mountain. These rock graves of the kings which dominate the city, can be reached via ladders and roads carved in rocks, after passing through the railway by walking in narrow streets of Hatuniye. Here, rather than the graves, tunnels behind the graves attract attention. If you are looking for a city full of history, you should definitely go to Amasya and visit rock graves of the kings. Moreover, on the way back, you can stop and rest for a while at the historical Palace of the Maidens. You will relax when drinking your tea and looking down and watching Amasya. Water board houses located along the river constitute a whole together with the scene of rock graves of the kings. If you cannot climb high, then you can enjoy this fascinating landscape also on the way through the Route of Princes.

5) Pamukkale Travertines / Denizli


The history of Pamukkale travertines, which have a unique landscape, is said to go back 14 thousand years. In this beautiful place that is included in World Heritage List, there are tens of water sources and small pools near the travertines. At the beginning, this place was zoned for construction but as the travertines got harmed, the construction works were forbidden and the facilities and hotels were closed. Entrance is not forbidden but shoes are not allowed not to damage the travertines. You have to walk with bare feet. If there is a possibility for you to visit Denizli, you definitely have to take your camera with you. You will not only enjoy the snow-white landscape while you are there, but when you are looking at your holiday photographs as well.

6) Mardin Houses / Mardin


The most interesting feature of Mardin Houses is that, they are constructed by using yellow limestone which can be shaped easily. These houses are traditional. There are walls of height 4 meters which separate the houses from other streets. These walls protect the houses in cold climates. No wood is used in these houses, excluding necessary works such as doors, windows and clerestory. The frequently used place, which is called as the main part of the house, is named as “eyvan”. The streets are connected with each other. If you go to Mardin one day, you can give a short break and try to know this culture more closely. In addition, holiday does not mean to go to the same places every year. Making little changes in your regular plans will be good for you. You should already add Mardin houses to your list of landscapes.

7) Uçhisar Castle / Cappadocia


Though Uçhisar Castle is located at the very end of Cappadocia, it has a unique landscape. The carvings of these rocks carried out for more than a thousand years have continued till 1950s. During this period, even the people continued to live in the rooms located in these rocks. The most important feature is that, it is the highest hill in the region. So it is strategically important as well. The landscape is magnificent at this point, where Hasan and Erciyes mountains can be watched. The landscape of Uçhisar valley, which you will enjoy more when climbing up the stairs, will be imprinted on your memories and you will miss this special moment. We recommend you to visit Cappadocia in order to enjoy this landscape fully.

8) Uludağ / Bursa


Uudağ, located in Marmara Region, is known as the biggest ski center in Turkey. As close locations such as İstanbul and Marmara Sea can be seen in the neighborhood, the landscape is fascinating. Especially if you go around by the aerial cable car, you will fully enjoy the endless white cloth under your feet.

9) Gelibolu (Gallipoli) / Çanakkale


As most of the World War I took place in Gallipoli Peninsula, this place is popular among many domestic and foreign tourists. In this place, which is preferred by the people who are disturbed from the noise pollution in the cities, you will have a sweet melancholy when watching the sunset. This place, in which there is a cemetery of martyrs and a lot of war elements, is taken under protection by UNESCO. If you want to remember the past but you do not know what to do, then what about visiting Gallipoli? It will be the best choice in order to feel the history and also to enjoy the reflection of the sun on the sea.

10) Kazdağı / Balıkesir


Kazdağı, located in the north of Edremit Gulf, is between the borders of Çanakkale and Balıkesir. The mountain is surrounded by streams and forests. The green landscape of Kazdağı makes people relax deeply. The more you watch the landscape, the more you will feel the peace.

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    Very nice article, very nice Turkish cities!
    I loved visiting Bursa very much, and I’d like to add that it is a wonderful city with many tourist areas that can be visited and enjoyed, you can use the cable car and the Oludag Mountain and see the city from the top of the mountain in a very dazzling view!
    But I would love to thank you very much for this information, it is big effort.

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