10 Places To Make The Best Sea Holiday In Turkey

Antalya – Kaş

The most important reason for choosing Kaş is the Kaputaş Beach, which is the first seaside resort of Turkey. The characteristic of this beach is the magnificent view of the white sand and turquoise blue waters. This beach, where you can enjoy the scenery even while swimming in the sea, will provide you with a physical and spiritual therapy. And it’s not the only option for those who prefer this city. The second biggest reason behind the sea is the ancient city of Xanthos. You can also watch the sun rise and sunset in this place where you can smell history until your lungs. Another alternative to be made at the same time is a small visit to the spawning places of Caretta Caretta. Kaş is one of the best holiday destinations in Turkey, which can make you and your friends spend a romantic and historic holiday.

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Balıkesir – Ayvalık

Balikesir – Ayvalık, where the mountains lie perpendicular to the sea, is home to dozens of beautiful bays. You can also watch a romantic sunset with your lover or partner on Devil’s Hill, the highest hill of Ayvalık. Ayvalık, which has a border with the Aegean, is the favorite of those who like to eat olive oil. You can swim here at the Sarımsaklı Beach. You can enjoy the sea, sand and sun. We also have to point out that it has been proven by the World Health Organization that it is the most excellent sand in the world. In 2013 and 2014, this beach was preferred in Turkey. You can safely take a holiday in Ayvalık, a small and charming holiday place, and have your children enjoy themselves.


Çanakkale – Bozcaada

I will offer you the advice of Bozcaada, if you are one of those who say, “let my soul rest wherever I look”. This place is literally a paradise corner where the water is a bit cooler than many places. We can recommend Ayazma beach for those who prefer here. If you want to spend the most beautiful holiday of your dreams, we recommend that you rent a motor and visit the island in the first place. In every sense, the transportation is provided to this island through ferry.


Muğla – Datça

Sea tourism is preferred by many local and foreign tourists in this place, since both natural and historical beauties are available. While enjoying the sea during the day, you can breathe the air of history in Datça streets at night. While enjoying the crystal clear sea in Palamut Bay, the natural beauty of the Bay seems to attract you and your family. Although the purpose is a sea holiday, we also recommend visiting historical beauties such as Dionysos Temple, Apollon Karneios Temple, Knidos Aphrodite.


Muğla – Marmaris

Another place that comes to mind when it comes to Turkey is Marmaris, which is called the Pearl of Muğla. Marmaris, which is especially crowded with Russian and German visitors, is a sea district. If the purpose is indeed sea, sand and sun you can choose without hesitation. We guarantee that you will get away from the stress of work in this beautiful place where blue and green meet.

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Antalya – Alanya

Alanya is one of the places where Turkey has a great income from Sea tourism. Alanya, which is frequented by foreign tourists visiting Turkey, must also be included in the holiday plan by you. Located next to the famous Damlataş cave, Damlataş Beach invites you to the sea with its magnificent beauty formed by the combination of blue and green. Alanya is also a historical city. Dim cave, Red Tower, Selinus ancient city and Alanya Castle are some of the places you should visit. While you enjoy the sea, if you want to travel deep into history, choose Alanya immediately. Both see the sights, have fun and learn.


Istanbul – Şile

When it comes to sea holidays, Istanbul, which has one of the Straits of the world, is not to be missed. We explored Istanbul a bit and discovered a place for you to enjoy the sea. Şile, which is the frequented place for the summer houses with its beautiful seaside and sea environment, carries the traces of the past with its important historical works. It seems that your weekends at Kum baba Beach will make you forget the stress of work. If you are one of those who say that I can’t get out of Istanbul, this is a place for you.


Samsun – Atakum

One of the places we can recommend for those who like to struggle with waves is Atakum, one of the places that have not been discovered yet. This place, which is mostly accommodating tourists from nearby provinces, is very nice for those who wish to spend their holiday in a calm place unlike the crowd. Those who say I can not go south for the holiday both can make holiday and economic plan by choosing here.


Sinop – Hamsilos

Although this holiday place is one of the places preferred by everyone who wants to enjoy both nature and the sea, it continues to break the record at reasonable prices. While listening to the waves hitting the shore, you won’t be able to get your eyes out of the bay’s greenery. This small city, which is preferred by anyone who wants to get away from the Istanbul crowd and take refuge in the lap of nature, will be your favorite. The happiest city is a sea holiday in a selected province.


Izmir – Çesme/Alaçatı

Another place for the sea holiday we can’t pass without mentioning is Izmir – Çeşme. The sea season, which lasts for about five months, makes it an ideal place for those who want to enjoy swimming frequently. Both historical and natural beauty of this city, combined with the peace of the sea will be provided to you. With crowded beach club parties, you can also enjoy the summer. Sea, sand and sunny holidays awaits you.

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