10 Tips To Avoid Getting Bored On A Bus Journey

1) Sleeping On The Bus

You have a journey that will take hours from one end to the other. You go on vacation, but the process of departure affects you negatively both on holiday and on the return, affecting your mood for a while. This reduces your energy in daily life and gives you a more tired feeling after holiday. But now you can change this situation. For this purpose, you must make sure that you take a glass side ticket on a long journey. So you can sleep for a few hours because you will be disconnected from the hallway and the seats on the opposite side. Both your skin will be relaxed and you do not engage your mind in long boring journeys. You can even send a happy signal to your brain by setting up dreams that will make you happy before you fall asleep. In this case, when you fall asleep, your brain sends this command to your entire body, so that you can sleep in a warm bed as if you were sleeping. When you wake up and realize how well you rest, you will not believe in yourself.

2) Listening to Music on the Bus

If you’re one of those who can’t sleep all the time at bus; listening to music is just for you. You don’t need to carry any device with you. It’s enough to have a music player or a small device like an MP3 player, and you can have the music you like to listen to. These small devices do not take up much space, but they can be easily accessed. When you sit your head in the window and watch the sky while listening to a Mustafa Ceceli or İrem Derici, you will see that when you think about your loved ones, you make a trip that you can’t understand how time passes.

3) Reading Books, Newspapers, Magazines on the Bus

If you have a structure that does not like noise on the journeys, we can recommend reading books. However, if you decide to read a book on the journey: there are things to watch out for. You should choose fluent and easy-to-understand books during the journey. Even adventure type books are one of the most suitable types for travel. Because They make you forget about time and help you understand content more easily by keeping your motivation alive during the reading process. However, if you do not have a relationship with such books or you think that you can not be motivated, you can follow the agenda by choosing a newspaper instead of a book, or you can answer the question of who is with whom and where they are  in magazines.

4) Watching Movies on the Bus

Another recommendation for a long journey is to listen to a movie. Yes, you didn’t hear me wrong. If you like to dream and visualize your dream, this event is for you. Convert a movie that you’ve never seen before to MP3 to MP3 player format to match the characters and event plot of the movie you listen to throughout the journey can be animated in your mind. If you want to follow the same film on the way back, you can achieve a different perspective on the same event by comparing the real scenes and  the scenes that are animated in your imagination. So you can develop your visual spatial intelligence and gain the ability to approach events from a different perspective.

5) Using The Internet on the Bus

Another activity we would recommend for you to do on long journeys is to use the internet. With the internet, which is the most useful invention of changing and developing technology, you can complete your unfinished business in the office and prevent your business from accumulating by sending e-mail to your company. You can also enjoy your journey without getting bored by watching funny videos on the internet with a thousand benefits. You can also play online games like okey, chess, farmville, clash of clans using the internet, and do long-term research on the internet about what you’re wondering.

6) Solving Puzzles on the Bus

You can fill in the gaps by solving the puzzles, finding seven differences between the paintings, sometimes getting infatuated and lost in labyrinths, reaching the rabbit to the food or solving the hooked puzzle.

7) Watching TV on the Bus

If you don’t have enough hardware for all these things, I’m going to offer you something that you can do with ease on almost all buses. Nowadays, almost all buses now have personal televisions behind the seats. Although hardware power varies from company to company, on most buses you can watch all the movies alternately from TV with at least three kinds of movies, starting with what you want. So sometimes you can come across movies that you don’t even want to watch, and you can actually find out how beautiful those films are, which you’re approaching with pre-judgment.

8) Writing on Bus

One of the activities we can offer you to spend a long time at bus journeys efficiently is writing. Now, although it comes to your mind a pen, paper, with you in a crippling bus in an attempt to unite it does not require so much effort to write on the bus. The presence of office programs on smart phones that do not fall from the hands of almost everyone, which is one of the blessings of technology, will give you a pleasant writing process throughout the journey. In the process of traveling with a cup of coffee you will want to sit down in your seat, if you wish, you can write your emotions as you like, and if you wish, you can prepare the beginning of a new masterpiece.

9) To Chat on the Bus

During your long journey, you have tried to apply all our advice, but if you still haven’t been able to spend time with the person sitting next to you, and you can get into a conversation with him or her, you can start by asking where he went originally. If he doesn’t like to talk, he will ask you the same question and you will continue to talk along the way. You will not notice how time has passed and you will open your doors on a fun journey.

10) Watching movies, listening to music, or viewing photos via USB

If you are making a bus trip, you should definitely check out the bus’s specifications before taking your bus ticket. For instance, if the bus has Wi-Fi on, whether the seats are comfortable, whether the bus has got a TV, or USB feature.

If you have a USB feature on the TV of the bus you have taken on, you can go through the journey with activities that will never be boring. You can store the movies that you want watch into your USB before you leave the house, the music you want to listen to and the photos you want to look at. In this way, if you don’t like the bus’s own movies, you can watch your movies from your own USB drive.

You can also charge your phones from USB-powered screens, and if you can access the internet from your phone, you can browse social media, play time-consuming games.

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