20 Places which Tourists Visit the Most in Turkey

If we are to consider with regards to tourism, Turkey is certainly one of the beautiful countries which is found rarely in the world. Without doubt, in Turkey, in which geographical and cultural beauties are harmonized, there are lots of places and tourism regions to visit. 20 most important places are given below:

1. İNSUYU CAVE / Burdur



Many tourists are visiting İnsuyu Cave every year. It is a quite appealing formation consisting of 9 big and small mixed lakes. It is a gigantic structure which took its final shape after a very long geological evolution.

2. HASANKEYF / Batman

Hasankeyf, which is located in Batman and brought many cultures together, with its perfect nature, is a place absolutely to be visited. It is a natural protected area. On examining the works of art in the area, it is understood that the history of the place dates back to 10.000 before Christ.



İstanbul strait, which is a unique part of nature and has a bridge connecting two different continents, is always successful in appealing tourists with its aesthetics. It is true that it has an atmosphere that charms people when having visits via activities such as boat trips.

4. AMASRA / Bartın

Amasra town of Bartın, which is one of the most beautiful places, is always being visited by tourists. Especially the castle should be seen, but the museum is also important. The place is ideal for relaxing purposes because of its quietness.


It is the highest mountain of the country and is a world class place ideal for mountain climbing. Tourists are also very interested in this place as it is believed that Ağrı Mountain is of great importance related to the Biblical Flood. There are people who believe that Noah’s ark is somewhere on this mountain.

6. PAMUKKALE / Denizli


Pamukkale is a unique geological formation in Turkey. It is located within the borders of Denizli. Splendid travertines are worth seeing. It is a very important touristic place both for the country and the world.

7. BALIKLI LAKE / Şanlıurfa

Balıklı Göl of Şanlıurfa takes the seventh place in this informative writing. As it is accepted as a sacred place, the number of visitors is continuously increasing. In this touristic place, which has a different atmosphere, the tourists can feed the sacred fishes in the lake and information about Prophet Abraham and Mount Nimrod can be obtained.

8. IHLARA VALLEY / Aksaray

Ihlara Valley, which is also very important for Christians, offers a magnificent scene with the stream running in the middle of the valley. Tourists, who reach the valley by going down the stairs and see a wonderful river, cannot forget this natural beauty. The spectacular churches which were constructed by carving and placed in the rocky areas are worth to see. You can easily go to Ihlara Valley by bus. Your bus ticket is waiting for you in Biletall…

9. MOUNT ERCİYES / Kayseri


Sports fans, who are interested in skiing, go to the facilities every year in Mount Erciyes in Kayseri. It is a volcanic formation and this formation has been completed through long ages. It is a quite high mountain with the height of 3917 meters.


Düden Waterfall of Antalya is one of the most beautiful formations in Turkey and is very popular among the tourists. It is approximately 10 km far from Antalya city center.


Kaçkar Mountains, which have one of the most important national parks in Turkey, impress the tourists that visit here with its unique green plant cover. The national park is located in Çamlıhemşin, a town of Rize.



Kurşunlu Waterfall of Antalya, which is one of the important waterfalls, is as perfect as Düden Waterfall. It is a relaxing place with its coolness. This waterfall is one of the most visited places by the tourists in Antalya.

13. KAZ MOUNTAIN / Balıkesir

Kaz Mountain, located within the borders of Balıkesir city, is a place creating legends and is called as a wonder of nature. The mountain with its naturally formed waterfalls is one of the places frequently visited by the tourists.

14. ŞEHRİBAN CANYON / Kastamonu

Şehriban Canyon is in Kastamonu and it has taken too much time to pass through this canyon by the people because of difficult conditions. A team succeeded to pass through the canyon in 1997 for the first time. The canyon is located in Şenpazar town of Kastamonu.



In Cappadocia, which is one of the historical places in Nevşehir, tourists coming from all regions of the world are experiencing a unique scene by the balloon tours. Fairy chimneys in Cappadocia region are the interesting geological formations which attract many tourists to this place every year.

16. ÖLÜ DENİZ (DEAD SEA) / Muğla

This is one of the most famous places for paragliding lovers. It is located in Muğla and is a touristic heaven with its spectacular sea and sand.

17. ULUDAĞ / Bursa

Uludağ is the number one place for skiing and lots of tourists visit here for skiing purposes. It is in Bursa and has a height of 2,543 meters.

18. UZUNGÖL / Trabzon


As a wonder of nature, Uzungöl hosts many tourists every year with its very clean atmosphere, flowers and trees. It is located in Çaykara, one of the towns of Trabzon city.


This cave is in Tarsus, a town of Mersin and is located in Dedeler Village. It is also accepted as a holy place for Christians just as being accepted as a holy place for Muslims.

20. MOUNT NIMROD / Adıyaman


Mount Nimrod is near Kâhta county of Adıyaman, having a height of 2,150 meters. It has lots of historical works of art in the surrounding area which belong to both Western and Eastern civilizations.

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