4 Tips To Be Considered When Preparing Hand Luggage


When it comes to travel, the bags are the beginning of the sine qua non. In particular, ladies prepare two-month luggage even on a two-day vacation. These bags are so full that they also fall on their wives that men often complain about the problem of carrying a suitcase and therefore do not want to go on vacation with the ladies. Despite all this, the ladies prepare their hand luggage along the way. They are stuffed and packed with them throughout the journey. This tightly packed hand luggage has now become a problem on the airways and therefore has been limited to the hand luggage. However, since many citizens are not aware of this practice, both the audit and the check in become problem. Since we thought that you are traveling frequently by plane, we have looked at what you should pay attention to when preparing your hand luggage, and we prepared a list for you.

1. Hand baggage and hand baggage application

Hand luggage is the Hand Bags you have with you during your journey, as you all predicted. Some of these bags are bigger while some are small. Sometimes even packages such as gift packages are added alongside these bags and the volume of the hand luggage grows. This will cause you and the other passengers’ distress both on bus journeys and on plane journeys. Considering this situation, the airline transport sector has made a new arrangement in 2012 to identify and legally implement items that may or may not be in hand baggage. While preparing this application, it considered its domestic and international flights separately. This ensures that the rules on hand baggage are applied very clearly.

2. What to look out for on the outside lines for hand baggage

The first point to be considered in the hand baggage for international flights is the weight of your baggage. This weight should not exceed 6 kilograms. In order not only to avoid being a victim at the airport but also to avoid difficulties for employees, you should also give your hand luggage over 6 kilograms to the lower baggage of the aircraft with your other baggage instead of carrying it with you. If your hand baggage above this weight is detected during check-in, they will not be accepted, and will be transported to your other baggage when you make additional payment in accordance with the airport conditions. Also, the size of your hand luggage should not exceed 55x40x20 cm. The bags larger than this size must be supplied with other luggage.

Another point to be aware of when preparing hand luggage is that you do not carry knife, , nail scissors and piercing items in hand luggage. When such items are found during the check-up, you may have to leave your belongings. Therefore, it is best that you do not take risks by placing your belongings in your large luggage. Also the important documents and items should be carried in your hand luggage. Otherwise, the airport staff will not accept liability when lost. The last and most important point in hand baggage is the transport of liquids. The amount of liquid that is up to 100 ml each and that does not exceed 1 liter in total, made available in transparent and tape bags. Preparing these bags at home will allow you to pass more easily from the control point. These bags should be arranged as one per person. In addition, the products such as medicines and baby food will be needed during the flight, even though it is not necessary these items to be passed from safety control, it is an obligation to package these items in this way. In summary, the items that are not in compliance with the conditions and which the airport authorities do not allow cannot be placed on board.

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3. What to watch out for domestic travels for hand baggage

The size of the hand luggage is the first thing that should be considered when preparing hand luggage for those travelling inland. This size is 55x40x20 cm. The hand baggage larger than this is not accepted. In addition, the weight of this baggage should not exceed 6 kilograms. In hand luggage, items such as a hand bag, a coat, a cane, a baby carrying bag, a small camera or binoculars are taken. Baby carriage cars are provided with large luggage. The transport rules of liquid and similar substances are the same as the International Airport rules. You can carry a total of 1 lt of liquid in 100 ml bottles. These liquids include creams, shampoos and sprays. These bottles should be placed in transparent bags at home and checked at the airport. One bag per person is allowed. These bags should be opened and closed quickly and should be opened upon request.

4. Substances in liquid restriction

After talking about liquid restriction, it is not possible to talk about the substances to which these restrictions will be applied. These ingredients include all kinds of beverages, soups, syrups, olive oil, creams, lotions, perfumes, sprays, toothpaste, all kinds of makeup materials including mascara, hair and shower gels, jam, honey, tomato paste, contact lens fluids and similar liquids. Each of these substances is not 1 liter, but the liquid you take with you should be 1 liter. In particular, passengers are having problems because they misunderstand this. There is no obligation to put the materials such as medicine and baby food to be used during flight in a transparent bag.

If you take into account the information we have shared with you in order to ensure that you have not problem while travelling on domestic and international flights, it is easy for you as well as for the personnel at the airport. You may have to say goodbye to these things when you find items other than those that should be in your hand luggage. If the weight or size exceeds the specified weight, you may have to pay additional charges when placing with large baggage. This may cause you to experience both financial and mental difficulties. Instead of experiencing all these difficulties, you can make a hassle-free journey with small points to watch out for when preparing your hand luggage.

If you complete your preparations according to the information you have obtained, you will have a trouble-free journey. If you show your sensitivity not only on your airline journeys, but on all your journeys, you will not experience trouble throughout the journey and you will not call the word “journey” as a nightmare. Thus, your journeys will cause a desire to discover new places and become the fun you have longed for.

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