5 Bus Models in Turkey Most Preferred for Intercity Travels

Travelling by bus is one of the most preferred travelling types, or maybe the most preferred one.  It is frequently preferred especially by the passengers that want to reach long distances, as it is more affordable than planes. Therefore when the passengers choose bus companies, they pay attention to the properties of the bus, in which they are going to travel. The busses too, benefit from the developing technologies. The passengers are naturally choosing the most comfortable bus, with which they can travel conveniently. Being aware of this, the bus companies are selecting their vehicles according to the passengers’ demands.

Companies in our country take many aspects into account when selecting vehicles. The destination cities are one of the most important points for a bus. Because the roughness and the width of the roads in Turkey’s various regions are different.


Tourismo is one of the most widely used bus models in Turkey. This bus model of Mercedes-Benz is preferred especially for the eastern provinces. Mercedes-Benz’s Tourismo family, which has reached 22.000 sales within 22 years since 1994, exceeded 1.000 sales for the first time in 2008 and reached the peak point with 2.042 sales in 2015. Turkey became the country where the model sold the most in 2015. France, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom come after Turkey. 1425 Tourismo vehicles were sold in these 5 countries in total. The other sales are sales from throughout the world. It is a bus model highly preferred by the companies and passengers thanks to its quality and comfort.


Another bus model to prefer is Travego. Travego, like Tourismo, is a model of Mercedes-Benz. Travego family is being improved and strengthened with each passing day. Travego is a model preferred by passengers and companies thanks to its comfort and increasingly chic appearance.


Setra is the third most preferred bus model used in our country. Recently it was much more preferred than vehicles such as Travego, receiving higher demands. Setra is very highly preferred by Gülaras, Kamil Koç and Metro etc. companies and demand is increasing with each passing day. It has become one of the indispensable busses of passengers for a comfortable and convenient transportation.


Man  is the fourth bus model preferred by companies and passengers who want to have a convenient bus travel. Man is one of the bus models we see on the roads most frequently. It is seen Man bus model is used by big companies such as Pamukkale Tourism. Of course, like other models, comfort is the most important factor in choosing Man.


Neoplan is the last model in our list of most preferred bus models in Turkey for intercity travels. Neoplan family is continuously renewed. Neoplan family is quickly adapted to the latest technological changes, providing the passengers and companies with whatever they demand. Pamukkale, Ulusoy etc. companies that use Man model also prefer Neoplan model busses.

You can contact your travelling company before your bus travels to learn more about the bus models. The bus models are very important for a convenient, comfortable and safe travel. We recommend touring inside the busses of the companies you are planning to travel with, before buying tickets. In this way you can see the bus closely and understand whether it is ideal for your travel. Bus travels are long travels. Therefore the bus must provide you with the highest level of safety and comfort that can be provided.

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