7 Hot Springs Where You Can Find Healing in Turkey’s Hot Springs

Physical Therapy And Spiritual Therapy With Thermal Waters

Hot water is naturally extracted from the hot springs in our country. Although the waters of the hot springs are very relaxing, it is a source of healing for many diseases. The thermal waters contain mineral just like hot Springs ‘water. In fact, the water of many hot springs can be drunk. In our country, the thermal hot water is heated in cities that do not have a hot spring, and it takes the name of the hotel. However, the water artificially heated is not thermo mineral water. The temperature of the thermo mineral waters is above 20 degrees and contains extremely high mineral content. Natural spring waters reach the magma layer in the underground due to fault fractures and then warm up to the surface again. In this way, geothermal energy is produced. This emerging energy provides health to the human body and is a source of healing for many diseases. Hot water relaxes the muscles and relieves muscle aches. For this reason, many people with rheumatism and low back pains flock to hot springs throughout the year.

There are Hot Springs Resort and hot springs in almost every region of our country. The healing power of natural waters was discovered years ago. Throughout history, natural springs have been used to heal, renew or even rejuvenate the body. Natural hot water is also used for mental healing and mental treatment beyond physical therapy. It is extremely important to relax the body for mental rest, balance the blood pressure. When hot water treatment is applied regularly for 7 or 10 days on the condition of being at least 3 days in the hot springs, human body and spiritually relax, and is renewed. The Hot Springs are not only for holiday and relaxation purposes, but also a kind of natural hospital and therapy center.

Usually winter months are preferred for the hot springs. In our country, many people spend their winter holiday in hot springs. It doesn’t matter whether it’s summer or winter to take advantage of hot water treatment. All seasons are suitable for treatment and holiday purposes. The main thing is to choose the hot springs facility that is suitable for you. 7 hot springs of Turkey, where you can find healing and have a pleasant time are as follows;

1. Sandıklı Thermal Springs

It is said for the hot springs that hot water in the Sandıklı District of Afyon is the most healing. Every year people from many parts of Turkey come to Sandıklı in order to seek healing and to be treated. It has world-famous mud baths. In history, many civilizations took a living area around these hot waters. For the waters of the Sandıklı thermal springs, it is called the elixir of youth and beauty. The reason for this is the high sulphur content of hot spring waters. Sulfur is an extremely useful mineral for the beauty of skin and face, in the treatment of acne in the body. The people living in Afyon uses the hot springs for short term, day-to-day. For this reason, the Sandıklı hot springs not only appeal to the local people but also to more people outside the city, including foreign tourists. The diseases Sandıklı thermal springs heal are, in short, skin diseases, rheumatism, kidney stones, gynecological diseases, respiratory diseases and calcification.

2. Oylat Thermal Springs

Oylat hot springs in Bursa are very close to İnegöl. It is believed that Oylat hot springs, having a very old history, even treats the  patients who are about to die . Oylat hot springs are in a beautiful nature. The weather of the Oylat is very good. Both hot water sources and cold water sources are available. You can swim in the hot springs and then take a stroll in the nature. There is a hiking trail in the forest. You can go to Oylat waterfall an hour’s walk to the hot springs. Also worth seeing, Oylat cave is very close to the hot springs facilities. Oylat hot springs are a place where you can find healing and enjoy a wonderful peaceful holiday and explore nature and admire its beauty.

3. Diyadin Hot Springs

The Diyadin Hot Springs in the Diyadin district of Ağrı province are among the hot springs that distribute healing in the east of Turkey. In the midst of cold and snowy weather of Ağrı, hot springs are especially good for neuritis-neurologic diseases. So it’s a complete spiritual treatment center. The mineral content is high and its water is of a mineral water nature.

4. Karahayıt Hot Springs

Karahayıt is located in Pamukkale a district of Denizli. Karahayıt Hot Springs have hot water with red color. The fact that the water has a red color is due to the fact that it comes out of high metamorphic rocks. In Pamukkale there are white travertine and in Karahayıt Hot Springs there is small red travertine. In addition, the soil of this town is red and the mud pools are red. Water and soil are good for skin, and heal many diseases.

5. Tuzla Hot Springs

Tuzla Hot Springs, which is a unique blessing for those living in Istanbul, have been famous for its healing waters. Tuzla Hot Springs emerge from a large area. Therefore, the facilities here are very large and affordable and luxury hotels are suitable for all segments. The sodium content of salt of Tuzla hot springs water is higher. So it is especially suitable for asthma treatment.

6. Kızılcahamam Hot Springs

Kızılcahamam, which is about an hour away from Ankara, is famous for its natural mineral waters, which can be drunk. The area where the hot springs are located is beautiful and clean as a national park. While relaxing with hot springs, you also find peace when you inhale the fresh air. The water of Kızılcahamam hot springs can be drunk and has the effect of relaxing the stomach, accelerating digestion. Turkey’s most beautiful natural mineral waters are extracted from here. As the name implies, it is visited all over Turkey for its hot water baths, pine forests and mineral water.

7. Karacasu Hot Springs

Karacasu, which is located in Bolu province, is also a thermal tourism region. The Karacasu hot springs are located at the foot of the Black Sea’s forest-covered mountains. The waters of the Karacasu Hot Springs are so healing that there is a physical therapy and rehabilitation hospital under the Ministry of Health. The minerals found in the hot springs water are extremely high. It is highly effective in the treatment of diseases and removal of skin spots. The area where the hot springs are located also enchants the visitors as the beauty of nature. Among the unique beauties of Bolu, the Karacasu Hot Springs are a thermal area preferred by those who want to take a Black Sea tour and find healing. The water in the hot springs is delicious. It preserves the same flavor when drunk days after being filled with bottles.


You can get benefits at the summer and winter from the waters of our country, which hosts such beautiful and healing hot springs. You can take a holiday and guarantee your health and beauty.

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