8 The Things That Shouldn’t Be Done in a Hotel Room

There are some important points to consider in hotel rooms where you plan to stay on business or holiday and have reservations. Some situations that you pass through and you don’t care about can give you nightmares. Especially if you are in a city or country abroad, a small carelessness in the hotel room can cause you to cause situations that you can’t get out of. First of all, you should make sure that you investigate the city you are visiting and that you have important phone numbers for emergencies. The hotel rooms can be in the comfort of a home and welcome the beautiful home atmosphere of your home. Please note that the hotel room you are staying in is used by thousands of people and the hotel and its surroundings may not always be safe. Here are 8 tips and some reminders for you!


You are logged in to your hotel room and Bellboy gives you information about your room. One of them is television and how to use it. Please note that hotel rooms and items are nest of microbes. No room attendant will take a long time to clean the television controller, no matter how much cleaning is done in a room that is full every day of the year. You should keep in mind that there may be hundreds of rooms to be cleaned up. The TV controller can carry as much bacteria as the paper that is seized every day. The best thing is that you carry a disinfectant and alcohol wet wipes with you. So you can thoroughly delete the remote controller of TV you want to use. Another option is to use your smart phone to control television. Or you can stay away from television as the most guaranteed method.


Many people store their valuables in safety deposit boxes or take them with them when they leave the room. Remember, there are thieves who attempt to steal items from hotel rooms. These thieves, which you can never imagine, observe all your movements and control your time out of the room. As soon as you get out of the room, the thieves will sweep away the valuables you left in the room. You always have to take precautions against those types that take your money, watches, jeweler and even important documents such as passports or identity cards. In some hotels safety deposit boxes may be charged, albeit small. This price will save you from getting into bigger problems. If there is anything you don’t want to take with you when you go out, you may want to consider where to store it in the most secret way. For example, in a medicine box or sock, you can hide your rings or similar valuables.


Forget to feel at home in hotel rooms. It is not your home, and you stay in the same place with hundreds of people at any time an officer can enter. Especially when you go in pairs and want to spend romantic hours when you do not hang ‘do not disturb’ you can expect a problem. Cleaning worker! Most of the time you can’t hear the door being shot, and even if you are in a deep conversation with the person you spend with, you can never hear. Don’t get in close contact in terms of your private life before you hang that warning on behalf of your privacy and peace of mind.


Never reveal your room number to a person who looks like a friend at restaurant or cafe during check-in, thinking there are people who are in bad faith. This is not a good idea. If you want to meet a person, be sure to do this in a more social environment. The last thing you want to happen to you on a vacation or a business trip is to get robbed of /deceived until your underwear.


Opening the door the moment it is knocked may be an automatic response for some people. Opening a door without looking through the hole can often lead to dangerous things. First, ask the person who knocked on the door when you are inside and ask for information immediately by calling the reception. Do not open it without asking, even if you know that there will be room service or a friend waiting for you to arrive at that moment. If there is a short time to leave the room, lock your door and leave and try to return to your room as soon as possible. It can be very frightening to see a person waiting for you in the room at a time you never expected.


On a boring business trip, you can spend a fortune on a rich bar that can be very attractive to you when you want to leave the hotel,. A hidden danger, mini bars are equipped with highly attractive products, chocolates, food and drinks. You must be sure to control yourself in the face of these delicious and seductive food products. Price list mini bar products that are more than five times higher than the prices taken out may cause you to review a room fee or even more for a night stay.


They are small; they are disgusting and they are almost everywhere. Under the bed, inside the closet, in the bathroom, under the carpets, behind the radiator, and many more places you can’t see with the eye. Even at 4 or 5-star hotels that you can find these insects can not just stay where they are. If you encounter a bug in a hotel room during your trip, it will be helpful to take a look at your bag, luggage and items in the cupboard you use until you leave the hotel.


No matter what happens, never use tap water to drink. Tap water, which can be extremely harmful even to brush your teeth, is not very innocent, according to a research. It has been revealed in the studies that water tanks where there are microbes’ nests are places where various kinds of living creatures live. When you are staying in a hotel, be sure to carry a bottle with you at all times, or to supply sealed water from a nearby market outside when you check-in to the hotel. Otherwise, stay away from putting tap water in your mouth.

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