Most Frequently Asked 11 Questions About Buying Tickets Online and Their Answers

The best thing the technology and internet brought to us is the possibility of completing most of our works with a single “click”. Bus, plane or sea bus tickets that can be purchased online are some of the good examples. While everything is that easy, many questions come to people’s minds. That is why we have compiled the 11 questions that are frequently asked to, the best and most preferred website to buy tickets online, together with their answers.

I have made my reservation, how can I buy my ticket?

You can buy the reservation you made on our web site by entering your ‘reservation (PNR)’ code at my reservations menu of our web site and buy with your credit card or bank card or you can carry out your process via our call center by calling 0850 3603258 no.

Money is drawn from my card but I experienced a problem in buying the ticket, what should I do?

Payment is automatically returned to the card from which the money is drawn, when an error occurs during the purchase process.  When you carry out a process for bus tickets, if the selected seat is empty you can re-try the purchase process but if the seat is full, you need to call our call center to make sure.

I purchased the ticket, do I have to keep the ticket at my hand before I go to travel?

You do not need to print your tickets for bus travels beforehand. You can get the print of your ticket from the desk of the related company 15 min. before the travel. In cases where the printed tickets are not taken, your ticket is brought within the vehicle to you.

You do not need to print your tickets for plane travels. It will be enough to carry out your check-in and luggage processes by standing ready at the related airport 90 minutes before the domestic flights and 180 minutes before international flights.

I received an error message during the purchase process but I received a message at my mobile phone that says: “Thanks for visiting our web site”. Did I buy the ticket?

The message that is sent after visiting our web site is just a thanking message. When you purchase a ticket, your ticket information is sent to your phone and e-mail address.

How can I receive the return of payment after cancelling my ticket?

The return payments of the cancelled tickets are made to the related payment card. The payment transaction is carried out within 3-7 work days if a credit card is used, and 30 work days if bank card is used.

I bought a plane ticket, what is the number of my seat during the travel?

You can select your seats in scope of your purchased plane tickets at the related company’s web site, 24 hours before the flight (depends on the transportation company). If you do not make a seat selection, the moment you obtain your boarding card at the airport, the related company determines the seat number and gives your boarding card afterwards.

How can I obtain my invoice after buying the bus ticket?

You can obtain the invoice of the bus ticket you purchased 1 hour before your travel hour, from the related company’s desk.

I bought the bus ticket, when should I go to the station?

It is enough to be at the station 30 minutes before the travel hour.

I bought the plane ticket, when should I go to the airport?

You need to be at the airport 90 minutes before the flight for domestic flights and 180 minutes for flight before the international flights.

How can I obtain my invoice after buying the plane ticket?

If the invoice of the ticket you purchased from our web site is displayed as “the invoice information is filled” during the purchase process, an e-invoice is sent to your written e-mail address after the last flight is completed.

If no invoice information is written you will need to request invoice by calling our call center.

Until when I can cancel my ticket?

For your purchased bus tickets, we are able to carry out the cancellation process until 1 hour for all companies other than Metro Tourism; but you will need to contact the transportation company to cancel tickets within last 1 hour.

For plane tickets, the process is carried out in scope of the rules determined by the companies.

Of course there are other questions too, but these are the frequently asked questions. We hope our answers are satisfying for you. If the answers are not enough for you, or if you have different questions in your mind, please do not hesitate to call our call center via 0850 3603258 no. We wish you enjoyable travels!



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