How To Ski? A Ski Guide for Beginners

We can be seen as a rich country in terms of ski centers. Uludağ, Palandöken, Kartepe, Ilgaz, Erciyes, Elmadağ… Each winter thousands of ski-lovers stay at their facilities. The ski makes the muscles of legs, hip and abdomen work and is a complete sport that brings together balance, speed and condition. All the details such as stance, turning, sliding, falling etc. must be learned from a trainer before beginning skiing, which requires an absolute discipline, and applications turn into experience. As the ski season continuous with excitement, we have created a ski learning guide for you. Moreover, it can be beneficial to take a look at our other articles we had prepared for you with “8 Ski Centers in Turkey and When Does The Ski Season Begin? ” titles.

Is Skiing Dangerous?

The ski looks like a dangerous sport that requires bravery but the ski trainers say “anyone who can stand, can also ski”.  You must first have confidence in yourself and control your own body. When you go to a ski center they firstly teach you about the basic movements, balancing and ski control on a flat area. Then, the turning actions are explained. After all of these, you go to a higher area and ski together with a professional. So, skiing is not a dangerous sport as much as it looks. You can completely forget about such worries, there will always be someone to hold you if you fall. If you fall when there is no one with you, you should not panic, not move and wait until you stop. After you learn about the falling and standing techniques, you will not be afraid of falling anymore and this process takes 10-15 days approximately.

What Are The Required Clothes For Skiing?

The clothes with ventilation sold at the stores that sell sport materials are the most suitable models for skiing. You can buy ski pants for 150-400, gloves for 40-150, coats for 100-1500 and ski glasses for 50-120 liras at sport stores. You do not need to buy clothes and equipments immediately, when you decide to ski. If you do not want to spend so much for a short skiing adventure, you can rent all the materials for a week for a price such as 200-250 liras. The prices of ski courses with one-week accommodation where the ski materials are procured vary between 1000 – 2000 liras. Moreover, if you plan to go skiing, it might be beneficial to take a look at Biletall Shop, which is a service offered by Biletall.

Ski Equipments

There are three different skiing equipments for men, women and children and those for women and children are a little bit lighter. Height, weight, performance expectation etc. criteria shall be taken into account when determining the most suitable ski length for you. The long skis are faster and provide better balance but the shorter ones allow more agile turning. If you are a beginner you can use a ski as long as your shoulder height, and if you have average knowledge you can use a ski as long as the nose level from the feet.

Ski & Health

It is important to protect your health when skiing. Make sure you drink enough water and do warm-up exercises for 15 minutes before skiing. Use sunglasses or snow goggles in addition to moisturizer and sun cream. Keep the required technical devices with you so people can easily reach you in case an accident happens. When you feel you are tired stop skiing and do not stay hungry, always meet your 3000 calorie need every day. You may have balance problems if your blood sugar level drops.

How To Ski?

Choose a track according to your level and always go with a group during the first times. Make sure to have orderly and circular turns when you slide, carry out your actions carefully. Sudden movements will make you lose your balance. Always keep your knees bended and preserve this position while falling. Do not try to stand up again when you are falling. Wait until you stop completely. Be careful for the rocks and mounds on your way. You can improve yourself with ski simulators you can install to your computer. Wii Console and We Fit Plus present a ski experience similar to real life by evaluating your actions according to the displayed scenario.

Do not forget that every skier must move in such a way not to jeopardize or harm other people. Everyone must ski in such a way they can be seen and tracked and shall adjust speed according to the area status, snow, density etc. criteria based on their experience. The skier coming from behind must choose track in such a way not to risk those in front of him/her. You can pass the skier in front of you in any way you want whether left or right, but make sure there is always enough distance between you and the skier you pass. Do not stand on the track if you do not need to. If you fall, you must try to leave the track as soon as possible.

Things To Consider Before Skiing

There are risks in skiing depending on altitude, unlike other sports. Heart failure and breathing difficulties may occur, therefore those with circulation problems are recommended not to go above 2500 meters of height. Moreover, if you are in the last three months of your pregnancy or have a disease such as asthma or a chronic upper respiratory tract disease such as bronchitis, do not go skiing before consulting to your physician.

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