How To Obtain An Eastern Express Ticket? Eastern Express Ticket Prices

Eastern Express, popularized between the years 2016-2017, is a travel trend that inspires everyone with its discourse “shall we eat Cağ kebab on the way to Kars Erzurum?”. Especially it is visited in December, January and February to see the snowflakes.


What Is The Eastern Express?

The Eastern Express is the express that allows you to take a train journey from our city of Ankara to Kars by TCDD (State Railways of the Republic of Turkey).

The line, which had previously been between Istanbul and Kars, was shortened by means of high speed train and Ankara was the starting point.

While travelling with the Eastern Express, you can see wonderful views and historical buildings. If you like to take pictures, explore new places, you should definitely check out the information below and get your ticket for the Eastern Express!


Eastern Express Routes

The Eastern Express is a line of Express train starting from the central Anatolian region of Turkey and extending to the East, leading to Ankara – Kırıkkale – Kayseri – Sivas – Erzincan – Erzurum – Kars.

If you want to travel with the Eastern Express from Istanbul, you must first come to Ankara station with the Istanbul Pendik train station YHT (high speed train) and then travel to Kars. Click here to enquire about Istanbul – Ankara YHT ticket travels.


Eastern Express Ticket Prices

Ticket prices are updated every year, but it’s cheaper than you think for one person!

You can see the current Eastern Express ticket prices by choosing Ankara – Kars from our train ticket page  for Eastern Express at


Eastern Express Travel Hours


You can get up from the East Express Ankara Train Station at 18:00 and it takes about 24 hours and 30 minutes to make your landing in Kars at 18: 30 the next day.

Since you have landed in the evening, you will be able to find a place to stay for about 14 hours until the next day and you will be able to visit Kars during this time. Also, if you are hungry when you arrive in Erzurum, you can order Erzurum kebab and eat it by taking advantage of the train stopping in Erzurum for 5 minutes. 🙂


The train departs at 08:00 to return from Kars to Ankara. Remember to have visited Kars and had breakfast in a nice place!  On the return to Ankara, you will be able to accompany the magnificent views of Ankara for 24 hours and 30 minutes return.


How to Buy an East Express Ticket

If you want to travel from Istanbul to East Express, you must first buy a ticket to Ankara with YHT. Visit the Biletall train ticket page and purchase high speed train tickets and travels for Istanbul – Ankara at Biletall.

For Ankara – Kars travel, remember to purchase your ticket about 1-2 months in advance at Since the Eastern Express is a new trend, it may not be easy to find a ticket. You can follow continuously to purchase tickets to the East Express at and check the ticket travels.

For the purchase process: search for Ankara Train Station – Kars, select your travel and purchase your ticket with your credit card. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the East Express! Have a safe journey.

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