Is It Possible To Cancel A Ticket That Is Bought Online?

Can I cancel the ticket that I got from the internet if I am an internet user and buy online bus ticket or plane ticket? We wanted to mention the subject of this article.

You have The Right To Cancel at Biletall Prior To 1 Hour Ticket; How?

How to cancel a bus ticket?

If you purchased a bus ticket on the Tab, The ‘cancel/return’ menu at the top of the site is selected. The ticket is displayed by entering Pnr no and passenger surname or telephone number on the screen that opens. ‘Return’ button will cancel the ticket and refund to the account that is being processed.
For Metro tourism, ticket cancellation can be made at 0850 222 34 55 Metro Tourism call center.

How to cancel a plane ticket?

For the cancellation of the flight ticket, ticket cancellation can be made E Biletall call center numbered 0850 360 32 58 or the call center of the related airline. Cancellations made from the airline call center must be processed from the ticket call center again.

How to cancel IDO ticket

For IDO ticket cancellation, cancel transaction can be made at 0850 360 32 58 ticket call center or IDO call center.

How to cancel a Budo ticket?

For cancellation of the Budo ticket, cancel transactions can be made at the Budo call center, numbered 444 99 16.

How To Get The Ticket Clear?

Bus Ticket To Clear:

Ticket inquiry’ menu is selected via The ticket is displayed by entering Pnr no and passenger surname or telephone number on the screen that opens. The ticket is issued by clicking on the ‘reveal’ button. Toclear the tickets of Metro Turizm, Nilüfer Turizm, Buzlu Turizm, Balıkesir Turizm, Bayramiç Seyahat, Alanyalılar Seyahat, Kale Seyahat ve Efetur cancel transactions must be done at relevant company’s call center.

Air Ticket to Clear:

To issue a flight ticket, a transaction can be made at the call center of ticket 0850 360 32 58 or the call center of the relevant airline.

How can a cleared ticket be used?

Bus Ticket:

Ticket clearing process can be done at Metro Tourism, Nilüfer Tourism, Buzlu Tourism, Balıkesir Tourism, Bayramic travel, Alanyalılar travel, Kale travel and other companies except Efetur The issued ticket must be used within 90 days.
Passenger information is entered by selecting the desired route to be purchased at In the payment screen, you can make a payment by selecting the ‘My Ticket’ option and entering the Pnr number and passenger surname or telephone number of the previously issued ticket. If the amount of the open ticket is higher than the new ticket amount, the remaining amount can be used to purchase a different ticket. If the amount of the open ticket is lower than the amount of the new ticket, the remaining amount must be paid by credit card. At Metro Tourism, Nilüfer Tourism, Buzlu Tourism, Balıkesir Tourism, Bayramiç travel, Alanyalılar travel, Kale travel and Efetur tickets can not be traded with open Money.

Flight ticket:

Transaction can be made at Biletall call centre, numbered 0850 360 32 58 for the issued flight ticket or the call center of the related airline. The issued ticket must be used within 1 year.

When will the cancellation fee be refunded for the ticket?
The reflection of cancelled ticket returns to the account differs according to the banks. This period can reach 7 business days for credit cards and 15 business days for debit cards. In the sales and cancellation transactions carried out at the end of the same day, banks keep the balance in the provision for a certain period of time and then delete the transaction from the provision. In such cases, both the shooting and the return will not be visible in the account.


Having web addresses selling numerous bus tickets makes people wonder if it is a secure site when buying bus tickets from the internet. In this case, it causes the cancellation of the bus ticket from time to time. However, you can safely shop on the internet with a few points you will notice when buying bus tickets from the internet. If you decide to buy your ticket online, you must first determine the website where you will get a bus ticket or a plane ticket. Instead of shopping immediately from this site you set a little browsing customer satisfaction or complaints . This will give you insight into what problems you may have with your website and whether or not to respond to them. If you are more than satisfied with the site, you can also get your bus ticket with the comfort of your heart. However, if there is a problem with the website during the purchase process, check your account balance and avoid paying the ticket for a second time. Otherwise, some websites may not refund your money because you have requested a double ticket.


Bus-ticket: you have purchased tickets online but your trip has been cancelled. In that case, you have your ticket. You do not want your ticket money to be wasted, but you do not know if it will be refunded on the internet. You don’t have to bother anymore because it is possible to refund the tickets you purchased from the internet. However, there is a point to be aware of this process. Refund is also easy if you have purchased your ticket from a trusted site. However, in order to avoid this issue, it is better to call the customer service of the website before you purchase your ticket and get information about the refund. Thus, when it comes to cancellation of your trip, you can return your ticket and get your money back without any problems. Thus, you will not be victimized as well as do not worry about the legal actions you will start when refund transactions are not done.


You will be asked to return the online ticket. However, because you do not know how the process works, you think it will be difficult to control the accuracy of the process. However, this process is not as difficult and complicated as it seems. If you check the accuracy of the transaction when you buy a ticket from the internet by calling the branches of the company where you receive the ticket, or by going to the branches, your ticket is included in the company records; you can also do the refund operations easily. Websites where you buy bus tickets from the internet have agreements with bus companies. These agreements are valid for as many days as after the ticket has been purchased and their rights will be transferred to the company. When you want to return your bus ticket, please contact customer service of the websites you receive the ticket to obtain information about whether the refund should be made on the site or in the company. If the ticket has not expired and the return to the site will be made, enter the information of the ticket must be returned to the return button on the site and complete the return procedures.

Once the ticket is completed, it will be refunded to your account or credit card in your money. However, if the refund process has been transferred to the company, you can return it to the company branches and get your money back. The main point to note in these return transactions is the time of departure of the car from which you purchased the ticket. Because the car’s departure time is 24 hours and less if the ticket is not refunded. If the duration is between 12 and 24 hours, you can request a six-month open ticket by taking your ticket to the company. Company and web sites may not infringe your rights as the time required for ticket refunds and explicit ticket requests is legally indicated. You can start legal proceedings against them in case of a violation.


Bus ticket refunds are made within the conditions set out in the websites and companies. You agree to these terms when you purchase the ticket. For this reason, if you do not have certainty on your journey, you will be asked to contact the customer service of the website to obtain detailed information during the return phase. Almost all companies have the same conditions of return of bus tickets. If you have purchased your ticket from ticket, all you have to do is contact the call center at 0850 360 32 58. But Metro tourism follows a different path on the ticket return. The refund of the ticket you receive from the internet or from the branch does not take place at the branches. This process is carried out by calling 444 34 55 Metro tourism customer service.

You can cancel your ticket in accordance with the information provided above and ask for your refund. This entitlement is legally determined and if otherwise applied, the judicial remedy is open. However, if you make bus ticket purchases from reliable web sites, you can cancel your ticket without having any problems, and you can make the refund of the money you paid for the ticket easier.

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