The Most Romantic 5 Cities in Turkey To Visit During the New Year

The excitement of the new year and the sweet rush of couples wondering “where to go?”… If you have not made a final decision about your new year plan, let us introduce the 5 most romantic cities in Turkey to you. Actually all of them are the cities you always hear about. But we are going to talk about these cities by explaining how you can have excellent time during the new year as a couple. Let us begin if you are ready.

1) The Romantic City of All Times: İstanbul

We are going to talk about very different cities soon. But like in every subject, İstanbul deserves the first place. Because İstanbul is a city that can give you a perfect day and an excellent holiday, even if you only see the Maiden Tower and Bosporus…
You will start the day with excitement and find yourself having a trip far away from all the worries of the world, hand in hand with your lover among the busy, crowded flow of Istiklal Street. Then you reach Galata Tower and together you enjoy the great scenery of İstanbul. In the evening you will see in the new year with excitement while having a great dinner at the Maiden Tower, just in the middle of the strait and cold air.

2) The Coldest Form of Romance: Bolu

If you want to enter the new year in a peaceful atmosphere far away from the crowded city and just enjoy the white snow, you should absolutely visit Bolu. The city center is different from many cities. It makes you live an experience as calm as possible, like the atmosphere on the post cards.
Besides, there is Abant… The only thing you require is to rent a house at the edge of the lake. Nature will provide the rest to you in the best way. You will light the fireplace, watch the white forest and the lake at the other side. Everything happens exactly as a movie scene. Quiet, snow white and peaceful… In this way you will experience an unforgettable new year experience.

3) Romance Among the Snow: Bursa

Although Bursa city center will provide you with a beautiful new year holiday with its pure white appearance, our main recommendation will be Uludağ. If the new year means having snow and if the new year means romance for you; then you should visit Bursa, which offers both of them to the fullest extent. You should absolutely experience the ropeway travel when going up Uludağ. While you travel by the ropeway from Teferrüç to Uludağ region, you will feel as if you are travelling to another world during this unique experience.
Uludağ provides you with the fireplace and perfectly white nature scenery we all saw in the movies in the best way. But the scenery is not the only thing it offers… You can eat a romantic and calm dinner in the evening with this scenery and rest your head, and during the mornings you can enjoy skiing and have unlimited fun! To summarize, it is a city ideal for those who want to see in the new year in a peaceful and romantic place by having fun at the same time.

4) A New Year City Where Towns and City Center Show Different Beauties: İzmir

Kordon awaits you at one side… İzmir does not have an oppressing metropolis atmosphere like the other big cities. Therefore you won’t get bored and feel suffocated when touring as a couple and you will just enjoy the excellent scenery along Kordon. In the evenings you can find a place that fully answers all the needs you have, whether you want a city scenery, a sea scenery or just a peaceful, calm place…
There is also Şirince, which is regarded as the tale world of İzmir… It is a location you can get shelter at the moments when you want to take your lover with you and go to the furthest, calmest places. There are not big buildings, continuous voices and noises… Just small and cute houses, a white nature and your peaceful holiday. We recommend that you have a romantic tour at the center area of İzmir and have a nice new year holiday at Şirince afterwards.

5) New Year and the Fairy Chimneys: Nevşehir

Cappadocia is the irreplaceable address for a romantic new year holiday for many people and it is at the top of the list of the places preferred by many people at the new year tour organization points… After having a small tour at the center of Nevşehir, you go down to Cappadocia.
You see, at one side, the perfect natural scenery of the fairy chimneys and at the other side the pure white snow which makes them much more special. You will take a romantic step to the new year accompanied by two perfect beauties and live calm and peaceful moments in front of the fireplace, especially at nights. If you are a little lucky, you may also have a hot-air balloon tour depending on the weather.

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