Route Suggestions for Your Travels for Health Purposes in Turkey


You travel sometimes to get away from the workload of your business life and sometimes to visit your relatives that you have not been together for a long time. Sometimes you consider traveling as a hobby and sometimes decide that it is necessary for your health, because by this way you feel that your mental health also gets well. However, there are times that being in a good mood only is not enough. You may also decide to travel in order to protect your skin or instead of being on a medication – or in the cases that medication falls short – for the treatment of the disease, you may prefer natural ways and decide to travel for health purposes. Because of the above reasons, you make your way to hot springs, thermal hotels or mud baths. But which one of these alternatives is better for your sickness? How much do you know about this issue? Now, let us take a look at the travel routes that will be helpful for solving your health problems.

Dalyan Mud Baths


The temperature of this mud, which is near the hot springs in Dalyan, is 390C. The mud consists of sulphur, sodium, hydrogen sulphide, fluoride and radioactive radon gas. Previously, only the local people knew about this mud and people were telling each other this muddy water was treating neurological, rheumatic disease and also sciatica and dermatological disorders and the like. This healthy mud, which has started to be introduced as beauty mud since 1990s, is now being preferred as a source of health and at the same time is being used for entertainment purposes.

Sultaniye Hot Springs

The history of Sultaniye Hot Springs, which are located in Köyceğiz town of Muğla, dates back to old times. It is said to have 12 rich recuperative minerals and it is known that these hot springs treat many different diseases. Sultaniye Hot Spring, which has the chance to be the only private hot spring in Turkey with this feature, is described as the most special place for the ones who try to find the secret of immortality. The mentioned hot spring takes the second place in the world, following the hot springs in Canada, because of the “Radon” amount that it contains. It is well known that the mineral water, which it contains, heals people who suffer from sicknesses from neurological diseases to nutrition disorders.

Bolu Thermal Hotel   


There are pools belonging to historical Byzantine period in the hotel. There are healing waters, the temperatures of which are up to 40-42 degrees, in these pools. The visitors make use of thermal water in the hotel as an alternative solution for healing especially rheumatic diseases and dermatologic diseases, for regulating the blood circulation, for treating sicknesses such as urinary tract disorders, arthritis and nutrition disorders. It shows that the thermal water has thermo-mineral characteristics as it contains minerals such as calcium, potassium, ferrous, nitrate, calcium carbonate and the like. Pools and baths, which are used as physiotherapy centers, are good solutions for visitors having various sicknesses…

Balçova Thermal Facilities

Balçova Thermal Facilities, also known as “Agamemnon Hot Springs” in most of the historical sources, include Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Centers together. It offers various opportunities of modern medicine together with the surrounding natural beauties to the patients who want to heal by this way. This facility, being among the most important health routes of Turkey, is using different methods such as kinesitherapy (group and in-water exercises), balneotherapy (bath science), electrotherapy (treatment with electric agents) to heal the patients.

Türkiz Hotel Thalasso Center

This thermal hotel, which has been offering services since 1990, has taken place among the health centers, which give certificated services in conformity with the standards determined by the “World Thalasso Federation” throughout Turkey, after the renewal works carried out in 1999. Different massage techniques and the therapy carried out with sea water in Turkish bath are being applied together. There are many centers consisting of hydro massage baths, Turkish bath, sauna, moss rooms and shock showers which have the effect of relaxing the body, within the area that it was constructed.

Güral Harlek Thermal Hotel


At the source of the thermal water, the temperature of the water is 95 degrees. However, the temperature of the thermal pool water in the hotel is between 39 and 43 degrees. This water is said to heal many diseases. It is considered as an alternative treatment method as it gives positive results in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, arthralgias, mental illnesses, throat illnesses and dermatologic diseases.

Alanya Damlataş Cave


The cave, which is located in Damlataş Beach in Alanya town of Antalya, helps the asthma patients to get healed. This cave, which is found by coincidence when searching for a material for a construction work in 1948, is below the sea level and has an air pressure of 760 millimeters, temperature of 220C and humidity rate of 95%. Even though the humidity rate is high, as it is a cool place, the asthma patients are not disturbed. People having asthma are regularly visiting this cave during 21 days and 4 hours in a day. By this way they get well significantly in time. Besides hosting the people having asthma, the cave is continuously attracting the attentions of thousands of tourists every passing day.

Denizli Karahayıt / Red Water


The water, having a rich ferrous content and a temperature of about 40 degrees in Karahayıt town of Pamukkale county of Denizli, is said to heal many illnesses. As it is thermal water, the place is being visited by millions of people both for touristic purposes in summers and winters and also for health purposes. Because of the high ferrous and calcium content of it, bodily sick people prefer to visit this hot spring in general. The red water in the hot spring is known to heal many rheumatic diseases and also it is said to heal some diseases such as dermatological diseases, herniated disc, cervical disc hernia, diabetes, digestion and eczema.

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