When Does The Ski Season Begin? Opening Dates Based On The Ski Centers

The winter has come and the ski season has begun. The ski centers throughout Turkey are beginning to welcome their visitors. The question is, when does each ski center open its doors for visitors?

Uludağ Ski Center (Bursa) 20 December – 20 March

Uludağ is the most popular ski center of Turkey. Also the most expensive one. It is approximately 1 hour away from Bursa. It has 225 km of distance to Istanbul, from where most of the visitors come. It is especially crowded during the most popular periods. Its longest track is 2100 meters and there are 25 hotels operating in the area. It has more than 30 tracks that can serve 850 people per hour. Many concerts, programs and events are organized, which makes it different from the other ones. Winter parties are organized especially during January month. Ski season begins at Uludağ on December 20.

Uludağ Ski Track Map:

Palandöken Ski Center (Erzurum) 10 December – 10 May

Having been the first city that comes to mind when snow is mentioned, Erzurum’s ski center Palandöken is known as the place where ski can be done for the longest period in Turkey. With an altitude that reaches 3100 meters, ski can be done in the area until May. It is the area with the highest quality of snow for skiing, as it snows whole winter like powder, like it snows at the Alps. Palandöken Ski Facilities’ track at 3000 meters is the highest ski track of Turkey. It is possible to ski down without a stop at Palandöken, from 3000 meters until 2000 meters of height. Palandöken is the correct choice if you want to have a professional ski adventure. The ski season begins at Palandöken  on December 10.

Palandöken Ski Track Map:

Kartalkaya Ski Center (Bolu) 20 December – 20 March

Kartalkaya Ski Center is located at the center of Köroğlu National Park, which has 32, 225 and 270 km of distance to Bolu, Ankara and Istanbul respectively. Kartalkaya is one of the places preferred by tourists from Ankara and Istanbul during the winter months thanks to its more reasonable prices as a calmer alternative to Uludağ. Its hotels have a capacity of 1240 beds and can serve 5000 people per hour. The longest ski track is 4 km. The ski season begins at Kartalkaya on December 20.

Kartalkaya Ski Track Map:

Ilgaz Ski Center (Kastamonu) 15 December – 15 April

Ilgaz Ski facilities located between Çankırı and Kastamonu at 2845 meters of altitude are located within a forest full of pines and fir trees. The length of the tracks at the facility within Ilgaz National Park is around 2km and can be used at night hours. The prices are below the country standards. The ski season begins at Ilgaz on December 15.

Kartepe Ski Center (Kocaeli) 20 December – 20 February

We can say this place is famous for its soudjouk barbecue. Served with a tea urn… The sceneries are amazing if you arrive at a day with clear weather when you climb Kartepe. There are many facilities to rest along the way. There is a hotel at Kartepe Ski Facilities with 12 tracks and capacity of 4700 people if you want to go skiing. The ski season begins at Kartepe on December 20.

Cıbıltepe Ski Center (Kars) 20 December – 20 March

The ski center is 52 km away from central Kars and is located at 2750 meters of altitude. The ski center is 40 minutes away from the airport and its most important feature is told to be the snow type, which is similar to the snow of Alps. There are 5 tracks, which reach 12.000 meters in total. The forest with 2750 altitude is covered with yellow pines. The snow season begins at Cıbıltepe on December 20.

Davraz Ski Center (Isparta) 25 December – 20 March

It is located at the borders of Davraz Region of Lakes, which is 25 km away from Isparta city center. The facility can serve 4000 people per hour and allows reaching 2100 meters of height. The total track length is around 5 km. It is a shorter route when compared to many other facilities. Do not leave the region without skiing here, if you are at the Inner Aegean region. The ski season begins at Davraz on December 25.

Davraz Ski Track Map:

Erciyes Ski Center (Kayseri) 20 November – 20 April

Erciyes Mountain is the highest Central Anatolia mountain with 3910 meters of height. Erciyes Ski Center is 22 km away from Kayseri, located at Tekir Plateau at the northern skirts of Erciyes Mountain. Erciyes Mountain, which is actually a dormant volcano, serves winter tourism during whole March month. You can easily access the region via Kayseri airport and many hotels offer accommodation services in the region. We also recommend visiting Cappadocia just 60 km away. Although Cappadocia is not a ski center, it has a unique beauty in winter. Erciyes snow season begins on November 20.

Erciyes Ski Track Map:

Saklıkent Ski Center (Antalya) 15 January – 10 March

Being 48 km away from Antalya’s city center, Saklıkent is located at 2800 meters of altitude. The facility is reached from Antalya Kaleiçi, after 1 hour of travel. What makes this ski center special is, being able to ski 1 hour after walking in Antalya with short sleeved clothes! If you are thinking about skiing here, our recommendation is to stay at Antalya’s city center. The road takes 1 hour, but if you insist on staying at Saklıkent, you will not need to think a lot because there is only 1 hotel in the area. The ski season begins at Saklıkent on January 15.

Zigana Ski Center (Gümüşhane) 10 December – 10 April

Located 55 km away from Trabzon and 45 km away from Gümüşhane, Zigana Ski Facilities are located at the only ski area of the Black Sea. There is a ski track of 650 meters, which is smaller when compared to others, and a ski facility with a capacity of 850 people. The ski season begins at Zigana on December 10.

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