Things To Do And Not To Do For Foreign Flights

I have a foreign flight, what should I do?

Firstly, you must pay attention to the process of preparing your luggage. We recommend preparing your luggage according to the rules. When we examine how the luggages are grouped, it is seen they are categorized into two: those you are going to carry with you (on board) and those to be given to the luggage section. There are limits for both of them and you should learn about these limits from the airline company (official web site of the airline company you are going to fly with can guide you in this). Luggage weights are important. We should never forget that we must pay extra fees for each 1kg that causes an extra problem for us and these prices are very high. In scope of the airline company rules, one of the most important subject is the products in the luggage.  Pay extra attention to ensure there are no sharp/penetrating objects, flammable material (chemical) and liquid (including water – you can procure it from the plane) in your hand luggage. If you are using lenses, you need a document obtained from your physician to prove you use lenses, in order to carry the solution of the lenses (in this way you will avoid any problem when you get on the plane and you will have the proof). That is why travelling with eyeglasses will be more practical (if you have such a possibility, it is always better to switch to eyeglasses mode). The same applies if you use a medicine (especially if you use it regularly). It will be enough to keep the English translation of the physician medicine report and prescription with you (it will really be helpful for you in the international areas). If there are products bought from Freeshop, the stores are already packing them with their special packages. Of course you will need to keep them unopened during the travel, together with their receipts.

The Products That Cause No Problem To Keep With You

There is no problem in keeping the electronical items such as laptop, camera etc. with you during the foreign flights (of course, based on rules, with number limits).

What Are The Papers You Must Keep With You?

This is actually one of the subjects wondered for the foreign flights. Because this process, which looks very complicated (especially if it is your first time) for people who are going to have an international flight, is actually very practically carried out when you organize them. T.R. Citizens are obliged to deposit country exit fees and it is 15 TL at average (it is better to learn about the latest fees before you go, but this is the average amount). You can deposit this amount at the airport. There can be queues at many airports most of the time and if you have time, it will be better to complete this process via bank before coming to airport (it is also very practical).

  • Departure fee receipt (always obtain a receipt if you deposit via the banks)
  • Passport / Visa (You can arrange your visa according to countries where it is compulsory and not compulsory)
  • The plane ticket or an electronic ticket reference no or ticket print that shows your flight details (the ticket itself will be enough but it will be more efficient for you to have a digital spare – especially mobile boarding pass)
  • If you are not going with a tour company, your accommodation information (hotel reservation approval or the English information such as the accommodation address at the destination) will be useful and you will communicate more comfortably in solving every kind of problem.

Which Steps Are Taken Before Getting On The Plane?

There may be a renewed or different process based on the frequency of foreign flights.  The crowds at the airport can, from time to time, be a problem especially for foreign flights. Therefore being at the airport at least two and a half hour before the plane’s departure will give you time to solve any kind of problem, especially during foreign flights.

Practical and Quick Check-In Processes

Other than the counters, there are check-in counters of each airline company (these can be accessed as kiosks too), you can easily carry out your check-in procedures via these counters. You can have your ticket printed with your flight number and carry out processes quickly such as place selection (of course, online check-in will be a quicker solution). During your foreign departure processes, you will obtain your ticket after weighing your luggage and your processes will have been completed.

This is important: If your foreign travel is a connecting flight and your airline company is same for both of the flights, there is no extra process you need to do. A single check-in process is enough. In such situations the airline company carries out the required transfer of your luggage. But if you are going to use a second airline company, you need to personally carry out the transfer of your luggage after the first flight. Therefore you will need a second check-in for your second flight.

You can easily track your own flight hours and transfers via all screens at the airports which are frequently shown and avoid any problems in this way. Such information can also be easily obtained via the electronic tables and monitors at the airports. It is beneficial to compare your ticket information with the shown information to verify according to the latest status to avoid any problem, because there can be any change at any moment (for example, any possible delay or those caused by fuel requirements caused by late landing of the plane, etc. delays). The passengers are accepted into the plane 45 minutes before departure at average and the last passenger is accepted 20 minutes before the departure hour (this can be a little flexible sometimes, but the doors are closed 15 minutes before, at the latest).

Passport Controls at the Destination Country

When you reach the destination country you will need an extra passport control to be carried out. When you go for the control, if the destination country is a European Union country, you will use the “Non-European” counter. In this way you can more easily complete your process. But if it is not a European Union country, for example if it is USA, you will need to have your entry done via Non-US counter and for Canada, use Non-Canadian counter (the most ideal solution to quickly complete your process works in this way).  We wish efficient travels for all of our followers, in advance.

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