Top 10 Cheapest Places to Have Holiday In Turkey

We have listed 10 places for those looking for the most affordable holiday destinations in Turkey. The holiday is where people go to relax themselves, get rid of stress in their lives, and have fun and peaceful time. When you go in pairs, holiday prices may not be very important, but this is different for those who are crowded with family members. When two people go on a weekly holiday, you can take a holiday at an average price of TL 1,000 to TL 3,000. This price varies depending on the hotel or hostel you are staying in, depending on the city you are visiting. But for those who want to spend their holidays together with their family, especially for those who want to go on holiday with 10 or more people, they are starting to look for cheap holiday places in Turkey.


If you want to the holiday to be cheap, our biggest recommendation is to stay away from the Centers in the holiday cities and prefer more quiet districts. If you are on holiday in bulk, you can reduce the amount you will pay by staying at the hostel instead of hotel.

Cheap Holiday Rules:

  1. Make your holiday plan at least 3-4 months in advance,
  2. Select one of the following lists or a place you want to go for a vacation,
  3. Make the earliest reservation for a hotel and a hostel in the city where you will be staying.
  4. Pay an advance fee for the booking, otherwise you may encounter something like “unfortunately there is no room left” when you arrive.
  5. Make sure with how many people you will definitely go when you plan.

If you have a holiday idea and want to spend a nice time on a cheap holiday, we recommend that you follow these rules.

Below you will find 10 nice places for cheap holidays.



One of the first names that come to mind when considering a holiday in tree houses and greenery is Olympos. The region, which is a popular place for people in love with nature and those who want to relax, is a preferred holiday destination for those who go with a clean forest atmosphere and crowded group of friends, especially at night and singing by burning fire. The facilities are usually offered with bed and breakfast or half-board. With its proximity to the Kelebekler Valley and the famous Yanartaş Mountain, it is one of the favorite destinations of domestic foreign tourists. It is an economical holiday option for those who want to travel easily.

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Avşa Island, one of the oldest recreational centers in Turkey, has an intense population of tourists especially during the summer season. The island, which is 5 hours away from Istanbul by ship, is 3 hours by means of sea bus service. The region, which has many small and large tourist facilities within it, attracts attention with its lively bars and discos at night on the crowded beach. The island, formerly the favorite holiday resort of families, is now preferred by more crowded groups of friends. Especially during the summer season, there are frequent sea bus travels from Istanbul, and most of the time these travels are 3 times a day. The island offers a choice of pensions and hotels suitable to each budget.


Located in the South Marmara region and bordering the Aegean Sea, this district is affiliated to Balikesir. In recent years, the name is heard more frequently. Especially during the summer months, it is a place to be visited and seen in autumn as well. Hotels and pensions suitable for every budget, famous Ayvalık toast, olive oil and seafood should be seen tried. In the summer months, the Sarımsaklı region attracts attention with its beaches and facilities. It’s a convenient place to go with family or group of friends. Before visiting Cunda Island, do not return before visiting the Greek island of Midilli, where you can go without a visa during the summer season.



The region, which is one of the rare places of Turkey, is famous for its fairy chimneys. Those who are not interested in sea tourism or who want to vacation not only in summer but also in autumn and spring, can find a facility suitable for their budget. They can try local wines and get pot products. Although balloon travel is a little over budget, there are many activities that can be done. At Cappadocia, which has become one of the most popular regions especially for those who want to make a marriage proposal, tours are  organized at reasonable prices by tour companies throughout the year.

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Antep, one of the most developed cities in the southeastern Anatolia region, can be visited just to see the food and drink culture. You can go to the famous Gaziantep castle, taste incredible delicious kebabs in delicious restaurants in the city, enjoy baklava and other local sweets, and buy pistachios and especially souvenirs from copper works. You can do all of this at reasonable prices and stay in accommodations that cater to every budget. You can also reach Gaziantep by bus or use the airline.

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There are many advantages of going to Bursa city which is famous for its natural and historical beauties. There are many activities to be done in the city, which you can easily reach by road and air. When you go to the city where you can easily use the sea from Istanbul, you should not return without tasting the famous Iskender. This important city, which has gained the Karagöz shadow play to Turkish culture, is also mentioned by its Kemal Paşa dessert, Chestnut candy and yummy İnegöl meatballs. When you go to Bursa Uludag do not return without visiting Uludağ with the cable car. The summer and winter of the city, where you will not have any difficulty in terms of accommodation, is a separate beauty. You can visit Cumalıkızık village and take local products and taste meatballs on Cumhuriyet Street.

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Although this old Greek village, bordering the Black Sea of Istanbul, has lost a lot of its architecture, it is a place preferred by its long coastline, yellow sands and cean seas, especially in summer. It is a place where you can spend the whole day with the sea and the sun, with its beach clubs, small restaurants that cater to every budget. Due to the ease of transportation, it is a region where people of all ages have a good time due to its proximity to the city centre. Kilyos, which also has accommodation facilities, is one of the places where you can make your holiday without spending much.



This beautiful city, also known as the city of princes, has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in recent years with its historical and natural beauties. Affordable accommodation and activities are available. Amasya, which has a history of 7,000 years, is popular in summer with its fresh sea and greenery. There are quality accommodation facilities in the city which is famous for its tomb, social complex and madrasa. Amasya, which has all kinds of options from hotel to hostel, is beautiful in every season of the year. The city, tours of which are also organized by travel agencies, has a great view of nature, especially if you come at the migration season of birds. Spas and King tombs are also worth seeing.

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Şile, which is a district of Istanbul, is located on the Black Sea coast. The district, which dates back to ancient times, once a small Greek village today, has become one of the most popular holiday destinations because of its proximity to the city. The natural shores of the Black Sea are frequented by wavy, clean sea, fish restaurants and coffees that are unique to the Black Sea. The beach is 10 km long and it is an important place for summer tourism. The Şile fabric festival, organized every year, has become a tradition. The buses departing from this district can also easily reach to Agva, another accommodation area. A river cruise can be made in the area, a charming seaside town, and enjoyable times can be spent in the riverside restaurants.



Safranbolu, which is a touristic region within Karabük province borders, is famous for its historical houses reflecting Ottoman architecture. Many tourists visit the region where tour organizations take place throughout the year. Apart from the day-to-day visit, you can stay in a historical mansion and visit the Bakırcılar Bazaar when you visit Safranbolu, which is one of the best places to escape for the weekend.

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