Top Quality and Cheap Places to Go For Your Honeymoon in Turkey

The dream of every newly married couple is to make an unforgettable honeymoon. We listed both beautiful and cheap places in Turkey, for the couples who look for a place to make a honeymoon after all the tiredness of the wedding ceremony. Here are the places which are ideal for the honeymoon:



Antalya, with its blue and green environment, is one of the most ideal places for the couples who want to make honeymoon. Olympus, being one of the most beautiful earthly paradises of Antalya, is one of the best places to go for a honeymoon. Olympus, located between Kemer and Adrasan is full of greenery and has very clean shores. Olympus, which is an ancient Greek city, is very cheap for accommodation though it is popular among tourists. In Olympus, in which there are clean hostels and hotels, newly married couples can have a nice time. They can cool off in the sea which is like an aquarium and have a walk just under the star lights at nights in Yanartaş. They can enjoy the nature and the sea to the fullest.



Assos, being in the first place among the cheap and beautiful holiday destinations in Turkey, is one of the ideal honeymoon places for newly married couples. Assos, which is one of the secret paradises of Aegean, is an old antique city located in Çanakkale. Assos, with the historical houses, is among the places to be preferred for a romantic honeymoon. This holiday, during which sun and sea will accompany the newly married couples, will be very cheap. There are many budget-friendly hostels and hotels in Assos. You can swim in the cool Aegean Sea and visit antique Behramkale Bridge, Hüdavendigar Mosque and Athena Cathedral in Assos.



Another place that newly married couples will prefer to go is Cappadocia. Cappadocia is a mysterious and also a romantic place. The colorful balloons floating in the air when the sun is rising and the mystic scene of fairy chimneys at the sunset in Cappadocia enchant people. In their honeymoons, the couples will have fun and at the same time will have the chance to relax. A holiday in Cappadocia, which covers Göreme, Ürgüp, Uçhisar and Avanos regions, is ideal for the ones who want to go around, see and have fun in the honeymoon. You can stay in very nice boutique hotels in Cappadocia.



If you get married in winter and want a cheap and at the same time beautiful holiday place for your honeymoon, the best place for your honeymoon is Uludağ. A romantic holiday with a snowy scene will be unforgettable for you. There are also low-priced hotels besides very stylish hotels in Uludağ.



Didim, located in Aydın, is one of the beautiful places for a holiday. If you are in search for a quiet place for your honeymoon, Didim will be a very good choice with its clean and quiet beaches. You can cool off in the ice cold water of Aegean Sea and have a romantic holiday in the pleasant weather of Didim. You can go to luxurious hotels for your honeymoon in Didim with affordable prices by making an early booking.

6. KAŞ


Kaş, which is one of the peaceful and fascinating places that you can choose to go for your honeymoon, is the far away beauty of Antalya. It is among the places preferred by newly married couples for their holidays with its magnificent nature and far too numerous beauties. You can swim in the extremely clear sea of Kaş, have a sun bath in the pebbly beaches and enjoy your honeymoon on the golden sands. In Kaş, you can go to the islands by a boat trip and visit Greek islands if you have your passports with you.



Dalaman, which is one of the most beautiful counties of Muğla that covers the most pleasant tones of blue and green, is a high quality and cheap holiday destination for the honeymoon couples. You can have a romantic honeymoon and at the same time participate in the activities and have fun during your holiday in Dalaman. In Dalaman, boat trips are organized every day. You can join these tours and swim in the sea of the bays. You can also go rafting and surfing and have a feast with local tastes of Dalaman.



Amasra, which is the pearl of the western part of the Black Sea Region, is one of the holiday destinations that newly married couples can prefer for an unforgettable honeymoon. There are very luxurious boutique hotels for staying in Amasra, which is suitable to make a sea holiday in the Black Sea Region with its history, texture, smell and nature. You can swim in the most beautiful bay of the Black Sea and have a romantic honeymoon in this place which hosted many different civilizations for centuries. You can choose Amasra for an unforgettable honeymoon in the Black Sea Region.

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