Traveling by Ferryboat in İstanbul

Ferryboat is the general name given to boats used to transport vehicles. Ferryboats are used to transport vehicles usually for short distances or locally. In İstanbul, generally İDO, i.e. İstanbul Sea Buses are preferred for traveling by ferryboat.

What is Ferryboat and Why is It Used?

Ferryboats are transportation vehicles which carry both passengers and vehicles. Ferryboats operating under İstanbul Sea Busses are known as the fast ferryboats. As the fast ferryboats of İstanbul Sea Buses, carry both vehicles and passengers, they also give great support to the traffic problem of İstanbul. Especially in summers, when you use public transportation vehicles or drive your personal car, you sweat a lot because the weather of İstanbul is both hot and humid. Adding the crowd in public transportation vehicles and never ending traffic problems to this weather, it is impossible not to sweat. That is why; in summers generally transportation by sea is preferred. Sea transportation while enabling a cool travel to the passengers in open air, on the hand provides a quiet and safe travel far away from the traffic and noise of the city.


In addition, traveling by ferryboat, in other words, sea travel makes the passengers see the natural and physical beauties of a unique city such as İstanbul. Unfortunately, sea travels are valued very late. Even now, many people prefer using the roads rather than sea travel. Because of this, some companies within the structure of İstanbul Sea Buses, are offering some discounts in order to make sea travels be actively used, in other words, they are trying to make the sea travel a more preferred transportation type. Of course, these promotions make people happier, who have to go to work or school everyday. Ferryboats are much cheaper than İstanbul Sea Buses.

Ferryboats in terms of health and security equipment

Ferryboat services, within the structure of İstanbul Sea Buses, provide convenience for older and disabled people. In İstanbul Yenikapı Fast Ferryboat dock, transportation of older and disabled individuals between the ferryboat and passenger waiting hall are realized by golf carts. In addition, there are wheel chairs in all terminals to be used in case of a need. Besides cars, bicycles are also carried in fast ferryboats. In fast ferryboats, 10 bicycles can be carried free of charge. Ferryboats are well equipped and safe. In many ferryboats, the captain and the crew have knowledge of first aid. By this means, they can give life saving first aid in case of a need. In addition to this, in the wheel houses of many ferryboats, all necessary first aid supplies exist. Moreover, in very serious situations, a contact can be established with the land officers and immediate aid can be requested.


Being in the Terminal on Time

Ferryboats are as regular as clockwork. Because of this, you don’t lose time. As ferryboats are punctual, if you intend to travel by a ferryboat, you have to arrange your time in a controlled manner. You should be in the terminal about 30 minutes before the departure time. If you arrive the terminal late, you may miss the service.

Obtaining Ticket for a Ferryboat travel

If you want to travel by a ferryboat, of course first of all you have to obtain a ticket. For this purpose you can use agencies, ticket offices, call centers, mobile applications or internet. Among these, the fastest and easiest way is undoubtedly the online booking which you make through internet. You can buy your ferryboat ticket easily within minutes for the day and time which is suitable for you through

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