Turkey’s Most Beautiful 10 Views

Our country, where each corner is a separate beauty, has many historical and natural landscapes. We aimed to help you make a quick decision in case of a possible holiday by exploring the beautiful sights, where you can rest your soul. We gathered the sights that would appeal to every soul and prepared a small list for you. Here’s a look at our list.



1) Maiden’s Tower / Istanbulkiz-kulesi-istanbulistanbul-kiz-kulesikiz-kulesi-manzarasi

The maiden’s tower, located off Üsküdar, dates back to the Byzantine period. You won’t get enough of watching the Maiden’s Tower, at sunset, the places that comes to mind when Istanbul is mentioned. This landscape is waiting for you, which will take all the stress of the city. If you intend to watch the Maiden’s Tower closely, you can go to the Maiden’s Tower by boat leaving from Kabataş. If you are in Istanbul, do not leave Istanbul without following a sunset here.

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2) Mount Nemrut/ Adıyamannemrutnemrut-dagi-heykellerinemrut-dagi

Adıyaman is located in the district of Kahta. Its height reaches 2150 meters. I Antiochus, the King of an empire at the foot of this mountain, made to erect beautiful monuments and statues to express his gratitude to the Gods. These remains from the Hellenistic period spread to the eastern, western and northern fronts. These sculptures, which are well preserved, have generated a unique landscape today. From time to time reaching up to 5 – 10 meters high, these statues are also protected by UNESCO. If your route is on Southeast, add it to the list of places you can visit. When you watch the sunset here, you will never regret climbing this mountain, and on the contrary you will recommend it to your friends.

3) Sümela Monastery/ Trabzonsumela-manastiritrabzon-sumela-manastirisumelanin-manastiri

This monastery, built on the rocks of Trabzon, is considered sacred by the Christians. It is known to be one of the oldest monasteries in the world. Anyone who crosses the road to Maçka can’t take his eyes off the Sümela Monastery, which is located on steep rocks and forms a whole in harmony with the greenery. Today, the Sümela Monastery, which is the subject of many films, is frequented by many foreign tourists. The Monastery of Sumela, located at an altitude of 1150 meters, should also be on the list of the most beautiful Turkish landscapes you should visit.

4) King Rock Tombs/ Amasyakral-kaya-mezarlari-amasyakral-kaya-mezarlari

The rock tombs of the Pontus Greek Empire during the Hellenistic period were carved on calcareous skirts on the southern of Mount Harşena. The King Rock Tombs, which were reached through the roads and staircases carved between the rocks after walking through the Railway Road in the narrow streets of Hatuniye, are located at a point that dominates the city. The tunnels behind the graves attract attention here . If you are looking for a city that smells of history, you must go to Amasya and visit the tombs of King Rock. And on the way back, you can take a little break at the historic Kızlar Palace. Watching Amasya from the top while sipping your tea will be good for your soul. The houses lined up along the river constitute a whole with views of King Rock Tombs. If you are not able to climb so high, you can enjoy this magnificent view through the sightseeing route of the Princes.

5) Pamukkale Travertine / Denizlipamukkale-travertenleri-denizlipamukkale-travertenleripamukkale-travertenleri-1

It is said that the Pamukkale travertine dates back 14 thousand years ago with a unique view. Located in the World Heritage list, this beautiful place consists of dozens of water supply and small pools located next to travertine. In the beginning, this place opened to the construction was closed when the travertine began to be damaged and the hotels and businesses around it were closed. It is not forbidden to enter, but you are not to wear shoes so that travertines are not damaged. If your path is likely to fall to Denizli, you must take your camera with you. You will not be satisfied with the view of a white nature like snow not only while you are there, but also when you are refreshing your memories in the photo.

6) Mardin Houses / Mardinmardin-evlerimeshur-mardin-evlerimardin-evleri-ici

Mardin houses are made with yellow limestone shaped easily. These houses are traditional. There are 4-meter-high walls separating houses from other streets. These walls protect houses from cold climates. In the houses here, except for mandatory procedures such as door, window and suspended floors, wood was not included. The place where most of the home life passes is called vaulted or domed space recessed from a central hall or court, which is described as the main part of the houses. The streets are connected to each other. You can get to know this culture a little bit more by taking a break in your life when you happen to pass by Mardin. In addition, the holidays do not mean to go to the same places every year. From time to time, small spaces will be good for you. You should already add Mardin houses to your list of landscapes.

7) Uç Hisar / Cappadociakapadokya-uc-hisar-kalesiuchisar-kalesi-nevsehir-kapadokyauc-hisar-kalesi

Uç Hisar Castle is the most extreme point in Cappadocia, but has a unique view. The carving of these rocks, which were carved for more than a thousand years, continued until the 1950s. In fact, in the rooms in these rocks during this period, people lived their lives. The most important feature of the region is the highest hill, strategically important. At this point, where Hasan and Erciyes mountains can be traced, the scenery is wonderful. As you climb the stairs, the view of the Uç Hisar Valley, where you are more dominant, will take an important place in your memory and you will miss this special moment. To enjoy this beautiful landscape, you have to set off to Cappadocia right now.

8) Uludağ / Bursa


Uludağ, located in the Marmara region, is known as Turkey’s largest ski resort. From here, the view of the nearby centers such as Istanbul and the Marmara Sea makes the view unique. Especially when you travel with the cable car, you will enjoy the endless white scenery beneath your feet.

9) Gallipoli / Çanakkalecanakkale-gelibolucanakkale-dur-yolcugelibolu

1. The Gallipoli peninsula, where World War II was intense, is the favorite of many tourists both local and foreign. You will experience a sweet sadness while watching the sun set in this place, which is one of the most beautiful places for those who are disturbed by the high noise of the city. This place, which has many elements of martyrdom and war, has been protected by UNESCO. If you have a feeling about the past and you don’t know what to do, why don’t you stop by Gallipoli? It’s just the kind of scene you’re looking for to enjoy the glorious moment the sun hits the sea and breathe history.

10) Kazdağı / Balıkesirkazdagi-balikesirkazdagi

Located in the north of the Gulf of Edremit, this place is between Çanakkale and Balıkesir borders. The mountain is surrounded by streams and forests. The lush landscape of Kazdağı is relaxing the spirit of the people. As you look at it, you will be faced with a view that will make you feel peace.

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