Turkey’s Most Important 10 Tastes – Famous in Which Cities?

Turkish cuisine is one of the richest cuisines of the world. Having been the inheritor of Ottoman culture, Turkish cuisine also mutually influenced Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisines interactively. Moreover, Turkish cuisine varies from region to region. In this article we have prepared the list of Turkey’s most famous 10 tastes with their origin cities.


Kebab is loved not only by our people but also foreign tourists visiting our country. Kebab is identified with Adana province. There are many kebab varieties in Turkey. Kebab is the general name for meat dishes cooked with the help of wood ovens or barbecue by using oak coal. Mutton or veal is generally used as meat.


Without doubt, iskender kebab is one of the most loved dishes. Especially our Bursa province’s Iskender is well-known. Although the main material of Iskender kebab is doner, what creates a real Iskender is the butter above, in addition to the yoghurt next to it, as well as the tomato sauce and the fatty pita beneath. What is more, Iskender’s meat is not just any doner meat, it is different. The meat used for Iskender kebab is obtained from the rams fed with Uludağ thyme, which is a unique type of thyme.


Another most favorite taste of Turkish Cuisine is manti. Especially our Kayseri province is famous for its manti. Manti is a dish made by placing minced meat seasoned with various spices into squarely cut small dough pieces and boiling these dough pieces in water. It is not only a part of Turkish cuisine but also the cuisines of Central Asia. It was brought from Central Asia to Anatolia by Turks.


Baklava is another most loved taste of our culture. Baklava is especially famous in Gaziantep. Baklava is a very important and loved dessert and has an important place in Turkish cuisine. Walnut, pistachio, nuts or almonds are placed between thin sheets of dough depending on the region. It is generally sweetened with sugar syrup.


Çiğ köfte (raw meatballs) can be made with or without meat, and it is famous in our Şanlıurfa province. It is a food showing differences from region to region, which is prepared by mixing and kneading bulghur, pepper, mince, tomato paste, onion, parsley and various spices; it is consumed without cooking it.


Tantuni is a type of wrap (dürüm) peculiar to Mersin. This wrap variety includes both meat and tail fat. Tantuni shows huge differences depending on the master who prepared it. Some of these differences are: which herbs and spices are added to tantuni, whether placed in wrap or flatbread, the rate of fat and steam, time of cooking as well as other added materials.


As it can be understood from its name, Tekirdağ meatballs are one of our delicious dishes that belong to Tekirdağ province. Without doubt, meatball is one of the most preferred meat dishes among those in Thrace and Rumelia. Especially Tekirdağ Meatball is very loved and mostly preferred.


Kagit kebab is a very famous taste from Hatay region. The kagit kebab is made by placing the prepared kebab into fireproof paper and cooking more. For a kagit kebab to be delicious, it is required to cut the lean lamb meat as thin slices and cook at low heat for a long time.


This soup has been a part of our cuisine for long years and it is famous at the Southeastern Anatolia, especially in Gaziantep. Ezogelin Soup is made by using tomato or tomato paste, rice and red lentils.


Kadayıf dolma is one of the most loved desserts with sherbet in our country. It is famous in our Erzurum province. It is prepared by using tel kadayif, egg, hazelnut or walnut meat and liquid oil -to fry-. Its sherbet is prepared with granulated sugar and lemon juice.

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