The Most Used Aircraft Models in Flights

The most exciting mass transportation vehicles are, without doubt, the planes. It may encourage people to choose air travel just to experience the happiness of watching the world from bird’s eye view while soaring at the sky. You live one of the most beautiful travelling types while fulfilling your transportation need. Actually knowing that the plane is at the sky is enough to increase your heart rhythm.

So, among the aircraft models that have been changed from time to time since the past, which are the most frequently used aircraft models today? We invite everyone to read our article, if you are curious about the answer.

Airbus A330

Airbus A330 aircraft model is a passenger plane with wide body for medium-long range flights. This jet plane has various versions and flight range is between 7.400- 13.400 kilometers. Airbus A330 series is mostly used by THY. A330 model has a capacity for 2 crew members while three-class cabin has a capacity for 253 passengers; two-class cabin for 293 and single-class cabin for 380 passengers. Having a length of 58,8 m and a wing span of 60,3 m, Airbus A330 strongly competes with other models. It is told the maximum flight height is 13.000 m on average. General Electric CF6-80E1,  Rolls-Royce Trent 700, Pratt & Whitney PW4000 are the engine properties and it is a plane that is frequently used for flights.

Airbus A340

This passenger model is actually in parallel with A330 model. We can say both models are within the same segment. Because the project was started for A330 and A340 models on June month of 1987. After the first trial flights on 2 November 1992 date, they were put into service. We cannot say there is too much competition between Airbus A300 and Airbus A340. But it can be said the models in this group are generally the rival of Boeing aircraft model.


Boeing is one of the biggest aircraft companies in the world. A significant number of the passenger planes used throughout the world are the models of this company. There are many models of this company in our country used by THY.

Boeing 737-800

Having a length of 39,5 m, Boeing 737-800 has a maximum range of 5500 km. The required studies were carried out on this model of planes and their properties have been improved very well. Important improvements have been made in fuel capacity and wing span, and much more successful results have been achieved in flight altitude when compared to previous models. The plane has 26.135 lt of fuel capacity and the first flight dates back to 1997. Boeing 737-800 model is the most sold plane type from Boeing family. The passenger capacity of such planes varies but on average their capacity is for 151-189 passengers. This model has around 900 km of speed in level flights and it can be said to have been one of the most frequently used plane models.

Boeing 737-700

This model is less frequently used than others but still, it is one of the most preferred aircraft models in general. In our country, THY fleet contains models with 124-149 people capacity. It has 35,8 m of wing span and 33,6 m of body length. Its cargo capacity is also good, the capacity is around maximum 4100-4200 kg.

Boeing 737-300 ER

One of the biggest plane models owned by Boeing company. It has almost double size when compared to other 737 series in terms of passenger capacity. Even from this aspect, it is obviously very big. This model has a capacity for 365 people in 3-classes and the takeoff weight is around 350.000 tons. It means four times more take-off weight when compared to other models in 737 passenger plane series. Its wing span of 64,8 m is double size of the wing span of other series. As the result of so many developed properties, the cost of this model is very high. Although we cannot give the exact numbers, it is known it has a cost above 300 million dollars as of 2015.

Boeing 737-900 ER

Although this is the least preferred one among the models of Boeing 737 series, it has a wide usage area. It is one of the members of THY aircraft fleet. Although the passenger capacity may vary, the used models generally have a capacity for 151-169 people. The maximum take-off weight of this model is 85.000 tons, the wing span is 35,8 m and body length is 42,1 m. Having a cargo capacity of 44 m3, Boeing 737-900 ER model has 12.500 m maximum horizontal flight altitude.

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