Welcome to hidden Paris of Turkey: Atça!

Whole world knows about the beauty of Aegean Region that is hard to describe. What about a short visit to Atça, a town of Aydın, which shines like a pearl in Turkey, whose people have golden hearts, where the sun shines and you breathe refreshing air with plenty of oxygen? If you want to visit and deeply feel this magnificent place, which is located within the borders of Aydın province’s Sultanhisar district, even if on paper, do not lose time and listen to us… Welcome to hidden Paris of Turkey…

Atça was founded in Roman period in 1867. Another feature of Atça is having been one of the first municipalities of Aegean Region.  This municipality, which was founded as Atça Municipality, made Aydın province experience many firsts. Atça has always preserved its prestige thanks to being in the orbit of important tourism centers.


Atça’s most valued feature that draws attention is, people compare it to Paris city of France a lot. To such extent that, in order to strengthen this perception, it is written at the entrance of the municipality that: “You are in little Paris now. No passport is required”. So, what is the relationship of this municipality with Paris? Atça was badly damaged because of the Greek invasion of 28 May 1919. But good days started for Atça after the foundation of the Republic and Abdi Bey from Atça, who received city planning education in Paris, came here as cadastre technician. Thanks to the contribution of Abdi Bey, who was in love with Paris, the Paris’ square was moved to Atça and he personally took care of all details. This is the truth about why Atça looks like Paris.

Bird’s Eye View

Legendarily beautiful Atça has eight main streets: Abdi Bey Street, Nazilli Street, Kurtuluş Street, Karakol Street, Kavaklar Street, Jurnalı Street, Batı Street and Atatürk Street.  These streets unite at Atça Park, which creates a different atmosphere.  Atça Park is at the center of Atça and it enchants the visitors. This park, where people of Atça and visitors from other cities have fun and rest, is loved a lot.

Another beauty of Atça is, there are no multiple-storey buildings. In Atça, which has preserved its uniqueness and beauty for years in this way, the houses are separete houses. These houses also have gardens and they create very cute scenery. Atça Municipality is the town of the firsts, as we mentioned at the beginning. It has gained the right to become the first in many subjects as it has managed to preserve its unique identity at this level, the houses have great planning and thanks to the fact that rules are followed during the urbanization process.


Strawberry is one of the first things to come to mind when Atça is mentioned. Although it is known as Paris of Turkey, it is also famous for its strawberry throughout the world.  In addition to strawberry, Atça is also famous for fig that has become Aydın’s symbol, in addition to cotton, olive, peach and vegetable products.  There are many factories in Atça. Olive oil, citrus, cotton ginning and crate factories are some of them.


Although Atça is a small town, it cannot be underestimated in terms of the literacy rate.  Literacy rate in Atça is 97%. Yes, you read correct. Aydın is already known as a very successful province in this subject. It must be good that Atça lived up to the name of Aydın in this subject…

If visiting Paris is a low possibility for you, we recommend you to visit Atça in our country, which is as equally good as Paris. Create time for yourself to visit this small but very cute town. We absolutely recommend you to go and tour it with your family or loved ones for a nice weekend. It would be a pity not to see this special place, which brings Paris to you as one  of the best examples of correct urbanization.

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