What Are The Winter Sports?

The winter sports, of which first examples were seen when the humanity learned to spend very enjoyable time for activities that can be carried out with the snow and ice that made the daily life unbearable from time to time, now bring millions of sport lovers together.

Winter sports are the general name of the sports that are carried out on snowy ground or indoor sport halls with ice rink, for which special olympics are organized.

The activity of sliding on snow/ice, which was used for transportation in the past, began to be used for entertainment in time and competitions have been organized. There are many sports that can be chosen for a healthy life or to spend winter season well. Below is our list of the winter sports and the list may  even contain some winter sports that you have never heard of.


Without doubt, the first sport that occurs in mind when winter sports are mentioned, is skiing. Many sport lovers from every age are interested in this sport, which is in demand from various branches such as free style, alpine skiing, northern combination, ski jump etc. Alpine skiing is categorized into two groups as slalom and giant slalom and generally the purpose is to reach the destination point in the fastest way by passing through gates on the track with downward curves. Biathlon is a skiing game, in which you make shots with a rifle after skiing for a while. Cross country skiing is carried out on a track with obstacles, with slides and poles. Skibob is the snow bicycle, played with sledges designed as bicycles.


Snowboard is a more professional sport when compared to skiing. This sport is based on sliding on a specially produced board and is suitable for people from every age.


An exciting winter sport preferred by those who want to slide with different styles. It has many varieties such as races with vehicles pulled by dogs or sliding on track within a small cabin.

Ice Skating

This sport gives the feeling of flying when you slide on ice on your own or as a couple. Artistic ice skating is an aesthetical sport while the most preferred ice skating types are ice dancing or speed skating.

The short course speed skating is carried out by turning on oval track and as quick sliding on flat track without turning too many times. Speed skating is played on an oval track and distances are longer.

Ice Hockey

The sporters wearing special clothing struggle to send a metal ball with disc shape by using their hockey clubs to their opponent’s cage. This sport can also be carried out on artificial ice and especially gained interest in American continent.


A winter sport done with the help of specially designed sledges, on an iced ground with downward inclination.


A winter sport based on sliding a special stone made of granite from a specific distance and to stop it within the target at the other end of the track. The person to make the closest shot gets the point.

Snow bike races

A sport emerged as the result of common usage of snow bikes, which were designed for snow transportation. These races are organized on a previously determined track and route, bringing together the lovers of winter and bike sports.

Snow Rafting

Doing rafting on snow with a specially inflated boat the same way done on water has become one of the popular winter sports recently.

Sledge Dog Races

A winter sport based on having multiple dogs pull the sledge on snow to race. The sledges are pulled by up to 24 dogs. Dogs are specially trained for this sport. The sporter sits at the back side to manage the race. The most famous sledge dog race is the Trail.


A winter sport in which two teams consisting of 11 players each try to send a ball into a small target for two 45-minute periods. It is similar to ice hockey and soccer. The players play with clubs called bandies. The players must be good both in skating and ball management.

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