The World’s Top 10 Islands

The island of the world’s most beautiful 10 holiday paradise, with its wonderful nature and unique beaches, which makes it possible to live there forever;



Previously a French colony, this island located in the Indian Ocean. Its exact location is on the African coast. It is not easy to reach this island and can only be flown by air, i.e. by helicopter.  Victoria city is the city with the highest level of development on these islands and is also the capital city. It is an island with very high quality and luxurious spaces. The best time to go is from June to the end of November.



The famous Zanzibar Island is in India. The weather temperature, which is about 30 degrees until November, continues around 5 months in summer and ends the season with the November when the rain comes. It is an island with plenty of greenery and an island for those who love nature. In addition, tropical fruits mangoes and coconut are widely sold. Besides, the banana that is grown on the island can be found everywhere.



Bali island offers ultra-luxury and attracts attention with its excellent beaches and clear waters. The beautiful beach sands are also very appealing to the eye and are in perfect harmony with other colors on the island. In this country, which is within the borders of Indonesia, there are 15.000 Islands and one of them is the island of Bali.



Hawaiian island, a volcanic formation, is shaped and formed by lava coming from under the ocean. This perfect exotic island always continues to grow. The reason is that the volcano eruptions never end. It does not have a tropical climate. A temperature of 16 degrees and 27 degrees is dominant throughout the year. This island, which contains interesting creatures, is very interesting in this respect.



Barbados Island is located in the Caribbean, and its area makes it the largest island. An important feature of the island is the common meeting place for golf lovers. Starting in November, the season lasts until July. The population of the island, most of which is African, is approximately 280 thousand people.



The island of Mustique in the Caribbean has a temperature of 35 degrees. Another feature of it is its being the smallest island in the Caribbean. This island is not as expensive as the remaining five islands, and it is pushing budgets much less than others in terms of holidays. However, there is also a beautiful side that is constantly blowing in the warm weather for more comfortable holiday makers.



There are some of the world-famous great restaurants in the Maldives, which is quite famous, and a great holiday island for the discovery of great tastes. The average temperature of the island was measured between 27 and 28 degrees. Its excellent beaches with turquoise colored water are definitely one of the most perfect places for holiday.



Muscha Cay island, an island in the Bahamas, is currently ranked first among the most luxurious islands in the world. This island was bought by a very famous name. Bill Gates is now known to have owned the island and spent a vacation here with his entourage. Holiday on the island is very expensive and certainly not according to everyone’s budget.



Bora Bora, an island where the famous and very valuable black pearls are removed, has many beauties. It’s called the best islands in the world. Although March and April time is the right option to go, it can also be reached in November, and the taste of excellent sea water and sand at an average temperature of about 30 degrees can be enjoyed in the most beautiful form. It is known to be close to Tahiti.



Turtle Island, which is known for its excellent nature and is known for it’s a lot of palm trees, is also on our list . Although it is an island that is not easy to reach, the only option is sea planes. The average temperature of the island is about 25 degrees.

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